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If you want to streamlines your Cafeteria operations you must upgrade your Cafeteria Management system/Canteen Management system. Cafeteria Management is very essential and important task for owners of cafeteria in corporate offices, colleges/universities, hospitals, multi-tenanted facilities, food courts, etc. The process of managing the cafeteria menu, attendance and consumption becomes quite challenging. Automated canteen management software is essential for preventing long queues by quick and easy transactions.

As a canteen owner or manager, you need to keep an eye on inventory, food quality, sales & revenue, staff, and more. The best canteen management software can make your life easier. These solutions allow you to manage all canteen operations from one place, allowing you to spend more time on important work.

Cafeteria Management Software automates the entire cafeteria operations including meal order processing, billing & payment, food waste monitoring, inventory management, etc., seamlessly. Menu display, self-service ordering kiosks, POS systems, and smart mobile app eliminate long queues ensuring seamless catering operations. COVID-19 has posed more challenges at the cafeterias, like the need for implementing social distancing, reducing physical contact, promoting a healthy diet, etc. and Lunch Cashier System Cafeteria Management Software fully meets these requirements.

If you want to Enhance dining experience & ensuring health and wellbeing of students or customers through healthy food choices you must try Lunch Cashier System by Wordware Inc. Cafeteria Management system for your facilities, our school pos system works for all sizes either public, charter, private schools. Our school lunch system can handle both large districts and small schools. We have one of the best Cafeteria Management Software for Districts with multiple Schools.

Lunch Cashier System can accept cash, check or credit card and users can preorder, prepay. System allows school lunch providers/ caterers easily set up and manage online ordering quickly and effectively. Caterer can manage hundreds of school menus with shared menu templates to save tens of hours from deciding menu items for each day. Parent love the freedom of ordering from their mobile phones using our apps and web portal.

Lunch cashier System Food Management Software is a comprehensive, mobile-enabled, Automated, Scalable, modular and SaaS-based solution to automate your School Cafeteria. School Lunch Software is a lunch management tool designed to automate mundane tasks through an easy to use, cost-effective interface. Staff can manage operations real-time, save time on data collection and compilation of reports, minimize time on managing internal tasks and external accounts.

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