North Middle School Computerized accounting system for food service account

Students and families welcome to North Middle School!
We have a computerized accounting system that allows families to deposit money into a family food service account. Only one account is used for all family members. This is a debit system, which means that funds must be deposited before withdrawing money to cover the cost of breakfast or lunch. All students will be issued a four (4-digit number that they will enter into the lunchroom computer. This number stays with the student from year to year. Payments for breakfast or lunch are automatically deducted from the family account. Every one must have an account, even if a student is only buying milk for cold lunch. All students must either bring a bag lunch from home or purchase a hot lunch. Canned beverages are not allowed in the cafeteria. Soda and energy drinks in any type of container are not allowed. Food Service payments can be made at each school, online (there is a convenience fee of $2.75 to use this service) or mailed to the School Nutrition office at MFHS (W142 N8101 Merrimac Dr., Menomonee Falls). Place your check in an envelope with your child’s name, the parent’s name and family account number on it. If making a payment online, please access North ’sweb page. On the left, click on “meal menu/online payments” and then select “Family Lunch Account Information.”This connects you to “Wordware,” the
Lunch Cashier System or you may go directly to You will need to register if it is the first time you are accessing your lunch account online. You will need a family key in Step 2 of the registration. You may call 252-250-6462, if you need assistance E-mail notifications will be sent to the custodial parent ,
or anyone with a registered email online, when your balance reaches $5.00 or lower. You may call 262-255-6441 or 262-250-6462 to check on
the status of your account. Morning breakfast will be served from 7:00-7:10 a.m. with an assortment of breakfast items.The cost is $
1.40 for a breakfast. The cost of the daily hot lunch program is $2.45 and milk is $.40.
(262) 255-8450 FAX (262) 255-8475

Arlington Public Schools NE 68002 – Lunch Program

Arlington Public School Lunch Program Links
Meal Prices



Extra Milk/Juice:$  .50
Bottled Water:$1.25

a la carte pricing varies.

Cafeteria Staff

Julie French, Cafeteria Supervisor

Mary Hunter
Sandy Johnson
Val Layman
Lori Opfer
Jodi Thompson
Karen Toebben

Breakfast Menu Lunch Menu
Wordware Online Family Account Access Login
Instructions for enrolling in
eFunds Online Bill Payment
eFunds Online Bill Payment Login
Free and Reduced Lunch Information (English) Free and Reduced Lunch Information (Spanish)
USDA Nondiscrimination Statement

Arlington Public Schools 705 N. 9th StreetArlington, NE  68002
Superintendent’s OfficePH: 402-478-4173Fax: 402-478-4176
High School Office – PH: 402-478-4171Elementary Office – PH:402-478-4121

Family Lunch Balances Online Parents will now have online access – Arnold Public Schools Arnold, NE

Family Lunch Balances Online Parents will now have online access to the balance of  the family lunch and breakfast accounts! This new feature of
Wordware just came out this year. The first day of school, the oldest or the only student in the family will be given a letter explaining about the new lunch program. This feature will eventually be included in  your PowerSchool Access. Please be looking for this letter to come home on the first day of school.
Arnold Public Schools
405 N. Haskell
P.O. Box 399
Arnold, NE 69120

A nutritious hot lunch is provided each day by Caravan Kids Catering – Annunciation Church and School, Minneapolis

Lunch Program

A nutritious hot lunch is provided each day by Caravan Kids Catering. Current prices for lunch are $3.30 (K–8). Milk is an additional 40 cents. Free or reduced price lunch may be available according to family income. Eligibility follows federal guidelines and is determined through the financial aid process.

Pizza days for the 2014-15 school year will be Sept. 26, Oct 24, Dec 19, Jan 30, Feb 27, Mar 27 and Apr 24. Download the Pizza Day form.

View this Month’s Lunch Menu

Make a Payment:  E Fund for School Electronic Payment System

View Lunch Account: Wordware, Inc.

Madison Central Food Service Program has online access!

We have available an online program in which you can view account balances, set notifications, make payments, and view items purchased. If you have not setup an online family food service account, please follow these simple steps to register for online account access:

1. With a web browser, go to
2. Click the button on the upper right side of the page.
3. Click “Click here to begin our quick and easy registration”.
4. Enter a valid email address and password, confirm each, then click “Validate Your Email. ” Please note that your password needs to be at least 8 characters long.
5. Check your email inbox. You should receive an activation email from Wordware Inc. If this email does not arrive, please check your spam/junk folder. You can also have this email resent. The email contains a link that will active your account. Click the activation link.
6. On the next screen, you will be asked to add a family. Choose “I have a Family Key” and then enter the key for your family. You will need to contact Lori Bierschbach atthe school for the key. She can be reached at 605-256-773
7. Next, click “Finish Connecting Your Family.”
8. Please select and answer a security question, then fill in
any changed or missing contact information, then click “Finish Your Registration.” You may also be asked to accept the terms of use.
9. You can now use the Family Site to check your family
balance, make payments and more.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Mitchell Brooks
Business Manager
Madison Central School District 392

The schools in the Lennox School District are on a computer system

The school operated lunch program is open to serve students breakfast and hot lunch at a reasonable price. Students may bring sack lunches. A la carte is available for high school students at an additional price.
The schools in the Lennox School District are on a computer system
(Wordware) for keeping records of lunch charges. All students in the family are under one account. However, each student has their own lunch ID number. This number is used as they go through the lunch line to purchase their meal. A photo of the student shows on the screen as their number is entered to assure the identity of the student. You can check your student’s lunch account and make payments at the school website
click on ‘Food Service’, then on‘ Check Lunch Account’, Wordware has made changes this year and you must create your own username and password. If you need help with this, please call the school for assistance.
The system is a pre payment program not a credit program. It is the parent’s responsibility to maintain a positive balance in their child’s account. Emails are sent out daily for balances of $15 or less. Please check your account often to keep a positive balance at all times. If your balance reaches a negative $10, your students will no longer be allowed to charge meals until a deposit is made into your account! 2015-2016 Lennox High School Student Handbook Page 12 Upon request, a refund of account balances will be given if the family is leaving the district or if the graduating student is the last student in the family. Free and reduced price meals are available for families who need assistance. You can pick up a form at any of the school offices or print a form from the school website. If you qualified for free or reduced prices the previous year, you must re apply again each school year BEFORE October 1st or your account will switch back to full price. You can apply at any time during the school year if your income or family size changes. If you qualify for either status, only the main meal is at a free or reduced price. The school offers five food components (milk, fruits, vegetables, grains, meat/meat alternates). Students are allowed to decline 2 of the 5 required food components, but must select at least ½ cup of either a fruit or vegetable.

New Parent Portal and Meal Account Online Payment System -Alexandria Public School

Food and Nutrition Services / School Menus – Alexandria Public School

The District has updated our School Lunch Account System (Wordware) to provide easier access to view your meal account balance and make online payments. To access the new parent portal and dashboard screen, click here. Click here to view directions for using the new payment system.

Know More

Lunch – Menu/Add Funds/Check Balance – Academy of Holy Angels 6600 Nicollet Avenue South Richfield, MN 55423

Lunch – Menu/Add Funds/Check Balance

March Lunch Menu

A La Carte Menu

Catered Options

Deposit funds to your student’s lunch account online or Check lunch balance and transactions – Our lunch account system, WordWare, has been updated, and you may find that it works a little differently. The system will walk you through the steps of setting up a WordWare account if you don’t yet have one. You will need your Student ID (same as the student NetClassroom User name).

Questions? Please email


2015-2016 school year Free and Reduced Forms

To limit A la Carte purchases fill out and return this form to your school 2015-16 No A la Carte

Students from families whose income is below designated levels and foster children are eligible for free meals or meals at a reduced rate. The Lunch Cashier System allows the Lawrence Public Schools’ food service department to manage the application process and establish student accounts accordingly in compliance with federal regulations.

To determine if a family qualifies, the family must complete an application. One application per family is necessary and may be completed any time during the year. If a family participated in this program in the past, a new application must be completed each year.
Parents/guardians are responsible for ALL CHARGES until the application has been APPROVED by the food services office.
Children eligible for free or reduced-price Child Nutrition Program meal benefits may also qualify for optional benefits.
The application may be downloaded from our Web site at the top of this page.
Applications will be available at the office of each school at enrollment time or by contacting the food services office at 110 McDonald Drive, Lawrence, KS 66044-1063 or by phoning 832-5000.The application information is kept confidential.
Free and Reduced FAQs
1. Do I need to complete an application for each child?
No. Complete one application for all students in your household. We cannot approve an application that is not complete, so be sure to complete all required information. Return the completed application to: Food Services Office, 110 McDonald Drive, Lawrence, KS 66044.
2. Who may receive free meals?
Your child may receive free meals if your household income is within the free limits on the Federal Income Guidelines. Also, free meals are available to most foster children and to children in households receiving benefits from Food Stamps, Temporary Assistance to Families (TAF), or the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR).
3. Can homeless, runaway and migrant children receive free meals?
If you have not been informed that your child will receive free meals, please call Ron May, Lawrence Public Schools’ homeless liaison, at 832-5000.
4. I received a letter saying my children are approved for free meals for this school year. Should I fill out an application?
Please carefully read the letter you received and follow the instructions. Call the school at the number listed above if you have questions.
5. Who may receive reduced-price meals?
Your child may receive low-cost meals if your household income is within the reduced-price limits on the Federal Income Chart on the reverse side of the approval letter.
6. I receive WIC (Women, Infants and Children) benefits. May my child get free meals?
Children in households participating in WIC may be eligible for reduced price or free meals. Please complete an application.
7. Will the information I give be checked?
Yes, we may ask you to send written proof of the information you provide on your application.
8. If I don’t qualify now, may I apply later?
You may apply at any time during the school year if your household size goes up, income goes down, or if you start getting Food Stamps, TAF or other benefits. If you lose your job, your child may be able to receive reduced-price or free meals.
9. What if I disagree with the school’s decision about my application?
You should talk to a school official. You also may ask for a hearing by calling or writing to:
Paula Murrish, Division Director of Food Services & Purchasing, 110 McDonald Drive, Lawrence, KS 6604, (785) 832-5000.
10. May I apply if someone in my household is not a U.S. citizen?
You or your child do not have to be a U.S. citizen to qualify your child to receive reduced price or free meals.
11. Who should I include as members of my household?
Include yourself, all children who live with you and all other people living in your household, related or not (such as grandparents, other relatives, or friends).
12. What if my income is not always the same?
List the amount that you normally receive BEFORE deductions. For example, if you normally receive $1,000 each month, but you missed some work last month and only earned $900, list that you earn $1,000 per month. If you are normally paid for overtime, include it.
13. I have been approved for reduced-price or free Child Nutrition Program benefits, why am I still being charged for other school fees like the instructional material fee or textbook rental?
 School fees are not automatically waived.  Before the Food Services Department can share your Child Nutrition Program benefits with the Business Office they need permission from you to do so. The Federal Government (USDA) requires a “Waiver of Confidentiality” be on file each school year granting permission to share Child Nutrition Benefits for other reasons, for the children listed on the form. Once permission is granted, the Business Office can review and grant waivers for applicable fees.