Software titles “School Tuition Software”, “School Lunch Software”, “Tuition Management Software” by Edutrak subsidiary of Advanced Payment Technologies

Proposing education administrators new ways to do their job efficiently and effectively, our fully modified payment, registration, and resource management applications are uniquely designed to meet the needs of a vast array of organizations. With offices in Wayzata, Minnesota, and Boulder, Colorado, EduTrak Software solution is a subsidiary of Advanced Payment Technologies. Our experienced team brings more than a decade of the capability to the development and delivery of eCommerce and payment software solutions. EduTrak’s proven technology solutions are hard at work powering improved operational efficiency, enhanced organizational efficiency, and advanced convenience at dozens of schools and service organizations across North America. We focus on full-service, low-risk, affordable solutions that eliminate inadequacies, empower directors, and reduce the burden on technical resources. It’s a model proven to quickly move organizations from idea to delivery, producing instant results that benefit your bottom line. There are a number of schools that have implemented our software solutions.

Advanced Payment Technologies, LLC – Electronic Payment Authorization Systems

APT is a leader in bank card processing services for outmoded and internet businesses. We offer some of the industry’s most reasonable pricing, 7×24 hour customer service, and one of the most effective loss prevention and chargeback departments in the industry.

We provide the knowledge and trustworthiness allowing merchants to accept credit cards, ATM/debit cards and checks. From setting up a merchant account to the latest in secure payment gateways, APT provides a one-stop-shop for all types of transaction handling.

EduTrak makes it Possible to Collect Every Fee on Every Campus from One Location.
EduTrak Software brings you a state-of-the-art tuition management system that is fully integrated with PowerSchool. Parents can now see both their tuition balance and past and future payments in the same place they go to see grades and other key student information. Our advanced billing and contract management features are the ideal way to manage your school’s tuition payments. Administrators, staff, and parents have access to the information they need and can be ready for any surprises life throws their way. The EduTrak SmartSchoolK12 ecosystem brings your school a full suite of best in class solutions including fee management, food service, tuition, activity registration, insurance, childcare, and more. From seeing their tuition balance and scheduled payments to inspecting and paying their lunch balance, parents can do everything from right inside of the PowerSchool Parent portal. No more having to remember multiple passwords or login locations.  Leverage the power of PowerSchool to create a truly unique and spontaneous experience for your parents and students, while giving your school directors much better tools to more easily access all key data.

– Complete Tuition Management
Food Service – State of the art nutrition management
Athletic Registration – Athletic and Activity Registration and Eligibility Management
ePayTrak – Online payment systems designed specifically for today’s school
ePayTix – Simple to use online reserved seating for your school’s events, with streamlined box office reporting
Child Care – Pre and After school Program Management

School Tuition Software –  features are based on three pillar listed below –
  Flexible Billing
  Information You Need
  Simplified Parent Portal

Edutrak Tuition software is easy to install, learn and maintain. EduTrak Tuition supporting your unique needs with user-defined data and built-in report/forms writers with Server or Cloud installation with both desktop and browser access. Used in multiple schools across country core features with lot of powerful integrated solutions that automate your school administration, classroom management, communication with the home. This web-based solution also offers a turnkey data conversion and setup process, comprehensive training, and live Customer Support.

EduTrak SmartSchoolK12 Online streamlines student application, enrollment & registration with tailored forms, tuition management, and combined online payments. The system includes flexibility to create custom forms, reports and web store items. The tuition management system allows schools more financial control while giving parents payment flexibility. The reference system allows schools to easily request endorsement. The system can be used all over the year so student info is always current. Combines technology, community, and leadership to help school districts operate on a higher level. Supporting technology includes a future-ready student information system and a malleable finance/HR business suite.

Specialty of EduTrak Software – Performing Arts Ticketing, Merchant Processing for Schools, School Ticketing, Activities Ticketing, ePayTrak, ePayTix, Door Control, Door Entry, mPOS, Mobile Point of Sale, Door Scanning, Online Reserved Tickets, and School Software Systems, School Sports Registration Software, School Activity Registration, School Nutrition Management,

EduTrak Live Demo

If you are unclear whether you need a School Lunch Software or Tuition Management Software system or not, you can ask our experts for a demo to check out our software features! Our Guided Demo pairs you with one of our  Software Solution Managers to offer a custom-made and detailed introduction to key EduTrak products Arts Ticketing, Merchant Processing for Schools, School Ticketing, Activities Ticketing, ePayTrak, ePayTix, Door Control, Door Entry, mPOS, Mobile Point of Sale, Door Scanning, Online Reserved Tickets, and School Software Systems features and functionality. The smart solution for reorganization accounts payable and receivable operations for your School. We use Industry-leading technologies and provides industry-leading service.

We share technology and information with wordware, Powerschool, SmartSchool k12, Trustwave to develop software and services that support the miscellaneous needs of our schools. This unique partnership delivers better development, integration, and pricing, and allows us to force knowledge from our combined experience in service.

In general, our software solution has managed to ease the task of administrators, cafeteria staff, teachers, managers, staff, and others through a multi-function platform.

But not only internal management, the school system management also manages school’s interaction with the students and parents. This feature indeed makes the statement between the parties effective.
Our Partner Wordware’s lunch cashier system is a complete, affordable, user-friendly meal accounting system for schools, including back-office and point-of-sale management software. Lunch Cashier System is one of the Top Food Service Management Software. They provide comprehensive solutions to both school administration and food service staff. Computerized Lunch Program for school cafeterias, State and Federal reporting. Parents only need to send lunch money to one family account for all family members participating in the lunch program.

Are you facing difficulty in Managing School Nutrition Programs for your school District?

No Worries! EduTrak Makes it Possible to Manage School Nutrition Programs on Every Campus from One Location. Edutrak works on these fundamentals and take care of your all worries. We have multiple solutions for your school including School nutrition management, Tuition, Food Service, Athletic Registration, ePayTrak, ePayTix, Child Care, Credit Card Processing.

EDUTRAK Software company has offices in Bloomington, Minnesota and Boulder, Colorado. EduTrak Software is a subsidiary of Advanced Payment Technologies. Our experienced team brings more than a decade of expertise to development and delivery of ecommerce and payment software solutions, SCHOOL CAFETERIA MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, to schools, K-12 Schools, Districts Schools and many organizations across the Minnesota state and country.

Keeping food and nutrition operations running smoothly is a challenge faced by every school district, charter school, college, and university, as well as many other nonprofit entities. Edutrak Softwares automates and remodels school nutrition programs to provide cost savings, reduce workload, and increase satisfaction among staff, students, and parents.

Simplify – We make application so simple that filling out forms for parents intuitive and easy, all in one simple to use interface. Schools can manage all activities very easily as the software workflow is very easy and step forward.

Consolidate –School business officials can now track all of their payments in one location by account code, department code and a variety of custom identifiers.

Secure –Everything we do is driven from a passion to secure your data and your payments.

As Covid -19 has changed way of school working and common life. Most of the schools are closed and facing revenue loss. After the lockdown the meal counts are none or very less which makes revenue loss. School Nutrition departments are facing difficult financial and operational decisions complicated by uncertainty over Corona crisis.  Fewer meals naturally mean less product needs to be purchased, so food procurement expenses are down, but labor costs have not fallen nearly as fast, since many programs, out of contractual necessity or just basic decency, have continued to pay workers, most of whom are not putting in the same hours as before.

If and when students finally return to school, few expect the days of crowded lunchrooms to resume, which means formulating and implementing alternatives ranging from scattered points of service to all meals being served in the classroom, similar to how breakfast in the classroom programs operate. Some of this may require more labor than before as self-service will probably be almost totally eliminated, and perhaps infrastructure changes and investment in new equipment such as mobile carts as well. Plus, some menus may have to be reworked, especially if there are ongoing spot shortages in key product categories.

Reduce costs – Easily track key metrics to identify inefficiencies and lower the cost of doing business.

Schools need to set up a School nutrition management service system where students can go through a modified service line and make selections; this may allow you to expand offerings a bit, but options will still be limited due to a reduced footprint for service, and to support this system you will likely need to purchase hot/cold hold service equipment. Ideally, students will be able to come to the cafe to make meal selections this should allow you to maintain standard service levels an expanded array of meal choices so long as the supply chain is strong.

Speed up your lines – Our Point of Sale systems are smartly designed to quickly guide cashiers through each transaction and keep your serving lines moving.

We are passionate about our role in school nutrition management and we always strive to  to make it easier for you and your school to manage your busy operation successfully. Our complete system is an integrated, cloud-based solution designed to fit your needs. K-12 School Nutrition &  Online Payments Solutions |

Edutrak School nutrition management solution always strive to keep up with cafeteria lunch lines:

You will never waste time at the Point-of-Sale (POS), causing slow lunch lines and increasing labor costs.

  • Easy integration with other systems, saving extra work, and data entry errors.
  • Your Staff will never be overburden and they will be doing only assigned duties. So no force to employees to assume too many different roles and responsibilities.
  • The security is too tight, encrypted data.
  • Parents feel comfortable,  never forcing them to jump through hoops to make sure their children are well-fed.
  • Software is so advance and easy and fast  processes with minimal input and loops.
  • Schools can work from multiple computers and different user can play different roles.
  • Target your primary focus—efficiently feeding your students with quality, nutritious meals that enhance their learning.
  • Friendly, proactive, available support is critical to the success of implementing and maintaining the accurate software solutions. 

Edutak school nutrition management  Software are capable for the ability to adapt and remain compliant to changes and updates to local, State, and Federal laws, policies, and regulations for K-12 food service operations.  We offers fully-integrated modules in an online suite. Desired modules include Point of Sale, Menu Planning & Nutritional Analysis, Ordering Management, Inventory, and Meal Accountability & Reporting.

School nutrition management Software Can support POS functionality at all school site locations, central office, and warehouse facility simultaneously. Software can function and retain data without internet connection and  capable of automatically syncing.

Software can support multiple serving lines within each site and remote serving lines if applicable and upload data automatically when connection to database is provided. Has the ability to run unique POS and capture data for various USDA programs, including but not limited to: National School Lunch Program, School Breakfast Program, After School Snack Program, Seamless Summer Program, Sumer Feeding Program, Child and Adult Food Care Program

Allows for students to be identified at POS in multiple ways, including at least the following methods: student ID entry on pin pad, student ID barcode scan, cashier lookup by name, homeroom, grade, etc. Displays messages, notes allergy alerts, and medical information about students to cashier during transactions

Allows for user entry at administrative level for student special dietary notes and medical alerts, allergies, special diets, no snack, check ID, diabetic, etc. that can automatically be displayed at POS Offers customizable security groups allowing/disallowing specific users to add/edit/delete student special dietary data

Allows for daily menus to interface with menu overlay on register screens Allows for student accounts to be obtainable from any campus within the school district Allows for multiple meals/meal prices per day at each school based on grade level Uploads daily POS data to vendor -hosted cloud database and central office automatically Transmits counts of daily meals served by program, all revenues by meal type, and a la carte sales for each site to the database and central office Includes a daily check report with check number and associated student account number to which they apply.

Edutrak school management systems provide many new functions that increase efficiency and profitability, including multiple input options, integrated software systems and complete school nutrition and payment solutions.

Edutrak Choice Partners contracts, which meet all government procurement law, can also be personalized to provide services your team needs, with in-person and online training,

We are customer service, customer-focused technology systems, and tech solutions.