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Free and reduced school lunch applications now online

VINELAND – The school district is not mailing out free or price-reduced lunch applications this year, instead it’s asking parents/guardians to apply online.

This is another online service the district can now offer through PCS Revenue Systems, the district’s food service accounting software, said Helen Haley, the district’s business administrator.

Previously, the school district included an application with a parent notification letter about the lunch program. When the applications came back, she said, the information was cross-referenced with the district’s student database and manually typed in by staff.

Now, the applications will be electronically entered, she said.

About 6,000 students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches, said Purvesh Patel, the Sodexo food service director for Vineland Public Schools.

Parents fill out one electronic application per household, Patel said, noting the applications are available in English and Spanish.

The online applications are available by clicking here:


“People can do it on their phone it is so easy,” Haley said.

It’s a secure website and a Social Security number is not requested on the application, Patel said. The school district processes the applications, which are then subject to review by State of New Jersey auditors to prevent fraud.

The online application process is an expansion of the district’s PayPams program.

Last year, the district used it to roll out an online application that allows parents to use credit cards to prepay for student lunches, set spending limits for their children and monitor their child’s school lunch purchases.

Going to an online system saves the district labor, paper and bulk mailing costs, Haley said. It also improves accuracy, she said, noting any discrepancies caught during a state review are noted in the district’s annual audit.

The free and reduced-price lunch application is now available online. Parents are urged to submit applications by Sept. 15.

If you’re not sure you qualify, the link does include an income eligibility chart.

The application does request a student identification number but parents do not need to include that at this time and can proceed with the application, Patel said.

Parents will receive a confirmation number when they’ve successfully completed the application.

The school board did vote earlier this month to raise the price of a school lunch.

An elementary school lunch will cost $2.65 and middle/high school lunches will run $2.80 when students return to school in September. However, the price of a reduced lunch remained steady at 40 cents.

For parents who do not have access to a computer or prefer not to file online, paper applications are available at each school or the food service office at 688 N. Mill Road, at the rear of Wallace Intermediate School.

Food service staff will be available 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday at the food service office at Wallace School to help anyone with the application, Haley said.

“This is a great process, it streamlines everything,” Patel said. “If you enter data incorrectly, it will notify you right away that it’s incorrect, so it won’t delay the process and the application.”

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Wordware Family Website Instructions : Lunch Cashier System (LCS1000) www.wordwareinc.com

Prescott School District- School Lunch Account Change

The new online payment service for school lunches is in
place. The new program, FeeZee, has a direct link to WordWare, so families can now make payments while accessing the WordWare Family Website. Fees for online payments are a percentage of the transaction.
The Efunds program will be phased out as of February 1,2015. For families who are not already enrolled, WordWare School Lunch Software access information was recently sent out. If you have not received that information, please contact TinaStenroos. Any questions about this change can be directed to TinStenroos, Director of School Nutrition, 715-262-5389, ext 3181.



The Parker School District tracks lunch using wordware’s School Lunch Software

The Parker School District tracks lunch using wordware’s School Lunch Software

Parents remember you can check your family lunch account balance by going to the Parker home-page, www.parker.k12.sd.us, “For Parents” section, Wordware link. You can now also add money to your child’s lunch account from your computer! Click the “e-Funds for Schools” link within the “For Parents” section on the Parker School website for details!

Winona Area Catholic Schools tieup with Wordware for School Lunch Software

Winona Area Catholic Schools tie up with Wordware for School Lunch Software

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.”

The link below will take you to the login page to access
your family lunch account information and current balance.

1. Click on the link to go to the Wordware website.
2. “Click for family login” in the upper right hand corner.
3. Enter your username(Family ID) and password (Pin#).
4. Select the state (Minnesota) and school name (Winona Area Catholic Schools) from the drop down list.
5. Sign in and your account information will appear.

**Accounts will be updated by 4:00 pm daily but always check the date listed to be sure that it is the current date.**

WACS. Setting your child's foundation for life.  Winona Area Catholic Schools, Pre-K, Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementrary.

Big Foot High School – Food Service /Lunch Account Software

Big Foot High School Food Service /Lunch Account Software
Lunch Account Balance Notification

How will I know when my account gets low?

When your account reaches $5.00 or less, the cashier will let your student know. An email will also be sent when your account is $30.00 or less to the primary email address, if it is on file. No letter will be sent out.

Parents may check lunch account status using the Lunch Account link at the top of this page. Lunch accounts are updated daily at 2:00 p.m. on the WordWare Web site.

What’s New in the School Cafeteria?

March 10, 2014

The food service department has a new vending machine. The vending machine will have fresh sub sandwiches, PBJs, chocolate milk, drinks and snacks. The vending machine will be on 24/7.  The machine accepts $1, $5 or $10 bills. If you have a suggestion on an item that you would like to have in the vending machine, please contact Shelly Chisamore, Food Service Manager.

New Breakfast/Lunch Account Policy

On Thursday, February 27, 2014, our Board of Education approved setting $50.00 as the limit that students can have as a negative balance on their breakfast/lunch accounts. Starting Monday, March 17, 2014, all students are strongly encouraged to have their breakfast/lunch accounts paid in full.  Any students who owe $50.00 or more on their breakfast/lunch account will now be given a peanut butter sandwich and milk for lunch instead of a regular lunch until the debt is under $50.00.

If you think you may qualify for free or reduced priced meals or need to set-up a payment plan, please contact Shelly Chisamore, Food Service Manager.

Breakfast Reminder

Every morning from 7:00–7:20 a.m. and on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9:03–9:23 a.m., Big Foot High School offers breakfast. You are offered a different hot breakfast sandwich every day. The hot sandwich comes with an apple or orange and milk. There are also “grab and go” breakfasts available that contain either a bagel, PBJ sandwich, breakfast bar or yogurt and cereal. Also included with the “grab and go” is string cheese, an apple or orange and milk.

Breakfast Benefits

Reduces fatigue & sleepiness in mid-morning hours.
Helps banish the blues.
Helps maintain weight (calories consumed earlier in the day are more efficiently utilized).
Improves concentration.
Helps you function more efficiently.
Generally improves diet (less snacking).


Shelly Chisamore
Food Service Manager


Hill Muray School – WordWare Account/School Lunch Software.

Welcome to Taher Food Service

Parents: Would you like a weekly email that let’s you know what your student’s cafeteria balance is?

Nancy Lynch, Director of Taher Food Services at Hill-Murray, has offered to send weekly emails to parents informing them of their students’ cafeteria account balances. There’s no fee for the service. If you’d like to receive the weekly notification from Mrs. Lynch, please send her an email at nlynch@hill-murray.org.
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Helpful links

Do you want to know what your kids are eating for lunch and what your balance is?  Find out by clicking WordWare Account/School Lunch Software.

The Story of our “Lunch Lady”

By offering marinated mushrooms, jicama coleslaw and black bean chipotle burgers, Hill-Murray’s cafeteria director Nancy Lynch hopes to add lots of flavor to the term “lunch lady.’’

“When you think of the lunch lady, you think of someone wearing a hair net plopping an unidentified heap of food on your divided tray, trying to hurry you along the line, right?’’ said Mrs. Lynch, breaking into her deep, raspy, wonderful laugh. “I want to be approachable to the kids.’’

Mrs. Lynch, who is employed by Taher Food Service Management Co., which operates the Hill-Murray cafeteria, said being friendly and engaging with students has helped her learn more about what they’ll eat and what they won’t. That approachable relationship has resulted in the cafeteria offering a wider variety of more appealing, nutritious and locally-grown food for our students.

On her own, Mrs. Lynch set up a partnership with Axdahl’s farm in Stillwater to provide locally-grown vegetables such as corn, tomatoes, squash and potatoes. She sought out a relationship with Ferndale Market in Cannon Falls to provide free-range turkey. She’s even brought farmers into the school as part of the state-wide “Farm to School’’ program, which allows students to meet the people who grow their food.

“It’s important that children understand where their food comes from,’’ she said. “Some of their food comes from so far away. Knowing the people who grow their food helps make that connection.’’

The cafeteria is located on Hill-Murray’s lower level and is the heart of our building where students, teachers and staff can go to meet friends and forget about the demands of the classroom or office for a while. The main cafeteria area opens to more dining tables in our sun-drenched Commons area next to the chapel. 

Mrs. Lynch enjoys creating a warm, “homey” environment for students filled with good smells from the kitchen, decorations that reflect the season and personal greetings from her and her staff.

“I think our staff is friendly and that students feel comfortable coming up to us to tell us what they need,’’ she said.

Some of the needs expressed by students have included foods that are gluten-free, dairy-free or vegetarian. The staff has responded with a growing array of foods to suit special dietary needs.

“Students are more interested in food today,” said Mrs. Lynch. And added that students are exposed to different foods than they were a generation ago. 

Mrs. Lynch gets many of her vegetables from the Hill-Murray garden in the back of the school. The garden yields crops like tomotoes, herbs, squash, zucchini and peppers. 

We invite you to visit our cafeteria, meet the staff and enjoy a delicious meal. And, please say hello to our ‘lunch lady!’

Taher Foods Mission Statement

Recognizing that good nutrition has a positive effect on learning and good health, the mission of the Food Srevice Department is to provide nutritious meals to students, staff and the community-at-large, in a caring and customer-friendly environment, using menus that emphasize:

  • Freshly prepared foods
  • No Trans-fats
  • More whole grain and legumes
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Minimally processed foods
  • Decreased use of foods containing high-fructose corn syrup

Additionally, we commit to assist in educating our customers to adopt a more nutritious lifestyle.

Taher Staff

Nancy Lynch
Luke Rother
Val Currie
Kathleen Bliven
Joan Ballanger
Yvonne Evans
Tammy Seebeck
Harold Lindquist
Mary Jo Barbato

Questions or comments? Send your email to the Food Service Director, Nancy Lynch at nlynch@hill-murray.org or call 651-748-2434.

WordWare Account/School Lunch Software.


An accounting system and the necessary forms for its maintenance are prescribed by the StateBoard of Accounts. If these forms are properly maintained for your program, you will have little difficulty obtaining the information needed to prepare monthly federal reimbursement claims, quarterly financial reports, etc. Effective internal controls of cash receipts and meals served are built into the system by using one of several methods. The methods are the use of properly maintained and approved class rosters, prenumbered meal tickets, and cash registers.
Computerized cash systems could be used after submission and review by the State Board of Accounts. All cash register systems must be equipped with identification keys to indicate (1) paid student meals, (2) reduced price student meals, (3) free student meals, (4) adult meals, (5) a la carte sales and other additional categories the school corporation may wish to identify that may be required by the accounting system. The register must have locked-in audit tapes and non-resettable totals for each category. If any type of cash register system is used, the cashier is accountable for the cash registered on that machine when it is totaled and checked out.
If meal tickets are used, the tickets are issued to each ticket seller in pre numbered blocks. Each ticket seller is charged with the value of the tickets issued and must either turn in money or unused tickets to discharge his liability. A receipt must be issued to each ticket seller for the money deposited with the charter school. If a daily ticket is used, it is collected at the serving line; however, if the ticket is for multiple days, it is punched at the serving line as that day’s meal is served.
All methods to account for the cafeteria operation require that the person responsible for collecting and reporting the money received for meals be different from the person responsible for counting and reporting the number of meals served. Under no circumstances shall all duties be vested in a single individual. School Food Form SF-2, Daily Record of Cash Received, categorizes cash receipts on a daily basis and must be totaled monthly. School Food Form SF-2A, Daily Record of Meals/Milk Served, records daily the number of meals/milk served and must be totaled monthly and will be a source of information for preparation of the monthly claim for federal reimbursement. School Food Form SF-3, Cash Disbursements and Fund Balance, is used to record on a daily basis the disbursements of the School Food Service Program and together with the SF-2 acts as the source information for the calculation of the fund balance as shown on the SF-3. The disbursement categories Service Area Direction and Food Preparation and Dispensing are defined as: Service Area Direction. Activities pertaining to directing and managing the food service program for the school corporation. Food Preparation and Dispensing. Activities concerned with preparing and serving the food and beverages associated with the food service program. This includes operating kitchen equipment, preparing food, cooking, serving food, cleaning and storing dishes and kitchen and lunch room equipment.
17-2Forms SF-1, SF-2, SF-2A, and SF-3 shall be maintained on a daily basis and totaled monthly.
These monthly totals are a source of information for preparation of the claim for federal reimbursement, the quarterly financial report, etc. SCHOOL FOOD VERIFICATIONS OF ELIGIBILITY
We understand situations exist which could be a concern regarding charter schools test-checking the validity of information provided on the applications for free and reduced-priced meals. The results of test checks, are to be reported to the Indiana Department of Education in accordance with 7CFR 245.6(a). Some tests note a very high incidence of errors or inaccurate applications.
An error for purposes of the test-check is an approved application, attempted to be verified that cannot be verified by the program participants with requested income verification information (i.e.,paycheck stub, W-2, etc.). Program participants who have an application that cannot be verified are not always dropped from the free and reduced-price meal program and corrections in reporting and additional testing does not always occur. The State Board of Accounts is of the audit position charter schools shall request a written position from the Indiana Department of Education stating whether the corrective action taken was sufficient or if additional verifications need to be performed when high incidences of errors in test sample verifications are noted. The written communication to the Department of Education must also request a determination if any increases or decreases in funding will result to the charter school because of the concerns noted with the verification process.

Subsidiary records by student must be routinely reconciled to the cash balance and at month end.

The School Food Prescribed Forms and any approved computerized Forms will be required to be maintained in the following manner to accurately account for prepaid items. A column titled “Prepaid Food” is added to the Daily Record of Cash Received, Form SF-2, for recording prepaid amounts received which have not been identified as to revenue type, i.e., lunch, breakfast, etc. Amounts will be entered both in “Prepaid Food” and “Total Cash Received” for each day because cash has been received. Another column “Prepaid Food Applied” is also added to Form SF-2, which will show periodic (and monthly) activity whenever prepaid meals are identified (charged to breakfast, lunch, etc.). Amounts in “Prepaid Food Applied” must at all times equal for each day, the amounts charged to various categories, i.e., student lunch, adult breakfast, etc. that were not paid for in cash. Amounts will not be added to “Total Cash Received” because cash has been previously entered and recognized in “Prepaid Food”. You are merely transferring “Prepaid Food” to the applicable categories.
The final column added to SF-2 is “Prepaid Food Trust”, which is the running balance column which shows the difference between “Prepaid Food” and “Prepaid Food Applied”. The amounts in “Prepaid Food Trust” are deducted from the “Balance” column in SF-3 Form, School Food Service Cash Disbursements which then should equal the amount in the new SF-3 Column “Available Cash Balance.”
Amounts are not entered in “Total Cash Received” because “Prepaid Food Trust” is merely a balance column. Computerized systems must provide a list, by student, of cash balances which should sum to the “Prepaid Food Trust.”

Wordware Family Website Instructions : Lunch Cashier System (LCS1000) www.wordwareinc.com

Wordware Family Website Instructions

Registering on the Family Website

Important: You must fully complete registration in one session in order to guarantee that there are no problems with activating your account. If you think you may not be able to complete registration in a given time, please wait until you know you will not be interrupted. The majority of problems with access to the family site are caused by incomplete registrations.

With a web browser, go to www.wordwareinc.com


Enter username and password and click on the SIGN IN button

This will bring you to the New Account Registration screen Click on I HAVE A FAMILY KEY

o Click in the FAMILY KEY box

o Enter key numbers



  • Enter your Family ID and PIN
  • This will bring you to the New Account Registration page

Please note: Family IDs, PINs and Family Keys are provided by your school district. If you do not have this information, please contact your school.

  • Click on the drop arrow next to the STATE options box and select the appropriate state
  • Click on the SCHOOL NAME box and enter the appropriate school name
  • Click in the FAMILY ID box and enter the family ID number
  • Click in the FAMILY PIN box and enter the family Pin number
  • Click on the FINISH CONNECTING NEW FAMILY button

At this point, your registration is almost complete; however your account must be activated.

To activate your account, simply open your email account inbox and select the Wordware Inc email titled Wordware District Account Activation Required, then click on the contained link. It is very important that you complete activation before leaving this page.

Logging into Wordware Family Account

  • With a web browser, go to www.wordwareinc.com
  • Enter username and password and click on the SIGN IN button
  • This will bring you to the Account Dashboard home screen

Adding Funds to the Account

  • Click on ADD FUNDS button or click on the quick link I NEED TO ADD FUNDS TO MY FAMILY’S ACCOUNT
  • Complete the transaction using your district’s epay provider

Changing User Password

  • Click on the CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD link
  • Enter your current password
  • Create and confirm your new password
  • Click on CHANGE PASSWORD button

Changing User Security Question

  • Click on drop the arrow next the SECURITY QUESTION options box
  • Select desired security question
  • Click in the SECURITY ANSWER box and enter answer
  • Click on the SAVE SECURITY QUESTION button

Changing Contact Preferences

  • Click in the box(es) of desired contact preferences
  • Click on the SAVE CONTACT PREFERENCES button

Connecting to Other Family Accounts

*Please be aware that at this time, you are able to connect to other family accounts. To remove other family accounts, you will need to contact your school lunch administrator.

  • Click on I HAVE A FAMILY KEY

o Click in the FAMILY KEY box

o Enter key numbers




o Click on the drop arrow next to the STATE options box and select the appropriate state

o Click in the SCHOOL NAME box and enter the appropriate school name

o Click in the FAMILY ID box and enter the family ID number

o Click in the FAMILY PIN box and enter the family Pin number


Add Family User

  • Go to the family account where the user will be added
  • Click on the ADD A FAMILY USER link
  • Click in the box behind EMAIL and enter the users email

*The new user will receive an email invitation from WordWareInc. With instructions on completing the process of being added to the account as a user