Wordware PowerSchool Tuition Module detail description

Why use wordwarePowerSchool plugin?
One location, one password, one goal. Make your experience the best it can be. Parents don’t want to remember multiple logins, they want to have a centralized location to do their business. Our plugin gives them that. Not only the parent experience but for the district itself. We sync your student information from PowerSchool to Wordware.
Parents that have experienced our Powerschool plugin, love having everything at their fingertips. Being able to set restrictions on spending limits, to check their account balance or transaction history. All from right inside Powerschool.

1A) Using our Batch editor for tuition contracts, schools can assign contracts individually or on a large scale.  Schools also can assign scholarship contracts to students who qualify.

Capture 10

1B) Once contracts are assigned you can view these contractdetails under the “Contracts” Tab of your District Administrative Site.

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1C)Parents can also view and sign their contracts inside the parent portal by clicking on the Tuition app button.

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2A) With our PowerSchool Plugin, parent’s can login directly to PowerSchool, click on  Smartschoolk12 under navigation menu. They will then be directed to our app bar. Once there parents would click on tuition, they will be able to view any unsigned contract, scheduled payment’s and outstanding balances.

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2b) Parents can select the “Make a Payment” button in PowerSchool and be routed over to the “Checkout” application to make their payment for tuition and pay for other fee’s, including lunch. They will also be able to view any payment history

Capture 14

3 a& b) In our admin portal schools can view and print invoices, add check or cash payments. They also have the flexibility to delete the invoice as well

Capture 15

3 c) Schools can view the contracts as well (see image 1b), see inactive contract and delete contract.

Capture 16

3d& e) Schools can search for orders by bank account or fee item.

Capture 17

3f) Schools can refund the ordersunder order details.

Capture 18

4) Schools can generate an Accounts Receivable report in our Administrative portal (which shows current balance, days past due. This report can be generated csv

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Wordware offers point-of-sale software and hardware that assists your school with increasing your meal sales while simplifying the entire process. Combine that with top-grade support and you have the best lunch cashier system available today. Contact us today for a free demo! https://www.wordwareinc.com/

PowerSchool Plugin that works for your School

Have you found yourself losing sleep because you believe the perfect point-of- sale lunch cashier software does not exist? Fear no more; it does, and it’s us!

Wordware Inc based in Bloomington, MN is a company that exclusively works on School software like school management, Cafeteria Management, School lunch software, school payment software, fee payment, food service, tuition, activity registration, school-age daycare and more.  We offer the best software solution for school lunch programs for Schools. Wordware team worked tirelessly to provide our customers with the best possible experience.

For more than thirty years, Wordware has been a leader in lunch accounting software programs. Working closely with lunch accounting administrators & state representatives has culminated into one major leap forward in lunch accounting technology

With our development of our PowerSchool Plugins, we give schools and parents single sign-on capabilities. To give your school district and parent’s a tight integration and a user-friendly experience. All of our apps are embedded inside of the PowerSchool parent portal to give your parents a seamless, intuitive, and user-friendly experience. Your PowerSchool parent can sign on to their parent portal with their username and password. That’s all a parent needs in order to sign in and check their lunch balance, pay school fees, or make a real-time online payment with their credit or debit card. One location, one login. No more multiple locations or usernames and passwords to remember.

The plugin is very easy to install… one-click install and go!

How do you get started? We work directly with your PowerSchool Admin to get the plugin installed. The plugin will be shared with your admin in a zip file in Google Drive. After installation and you enable the plugin, we create a secure API connection using id and client secret. We have support staff that will assist you with the plugin management configuration in the plugin management dashboard.

Why use our  PowerSchool plugin? Parents don’t want to remember multiple logins, they want to have a centralized location to do their business. Our plugin gives them that. Not only the parent experience but for the district itself. We sync your student information from PowerSchool to Wordware. No manually creating student data in two systems. Our goal is to make our customer’s life easier. Any roll we can take that helps do that is one we gladly accept.

Our development team worked tirelessly to develop a plugin that would assist school districts to operate efficiently and data to import seamlessly. Not sure how to get started? If you are a new customer looking to see what our plugin can offer you. Schedule a demo today by calling Julie Lindem at 651-964-2224 or via email at julie@wordwareinc.com. We can show you the seamless integration from a parent’s perspective along with what a school district admin experience would be.

Don’t have our system for your foodservice? We would love the opportunity to demonstrate how Wordware can make your life easier. I know from experience! I came from a school district in Wisconsin. After working for this district for 12+years, I know Wordware. How their support guided me through and assisted me in any question I had. I knew when I called, no question I had was too small or unimportant. Think of it as the show “Cheers”, where everyone knows your name. That is how I felt as a customer of Wordware. I was always treated with respect and in a friendly, helpful manner. For free and reduced processing, the efficiency of the process saved time and man-hours. I was able to use my other full-time office worker in another manner because my free and reduced process was so efficient it cut time off our day.

We are here to support, whether it is with installing your PowerSchool plugin or any other question with our products or services. We have a multitude of products and suites of products to help make your life easier and offer those conveniences to your parents. Whether it’s Point of Sale software or our eCommerce solution. We pride ourselves on making or software something the customer wants and that fits their needs.

Parents that have experienced our Powerschool plugin, love having everything at their fingertips. Being able to set restrictions on spending limits, to check their account balance or transaction history. All from right inside Powerschool. Or if they need to go to one of our suites of applications, all they need to do is click on the icon inside PowerSchool to redirect them to the spot they want to land. One location, one password, one goal. Make your experience the best it can be.

Wordware, Inc’s Lunch cashier system(School cafeteria software) is a complete, affordable, user-friendly meal accounting system for schools, including back-office and point-of-sale management software. Our Consumer Front End gives school district departments the ability to design their front-facing website to get important information out to parents easily. It is completely customizable to your school. Federal and State Reimbursement tracking reports & fast lunch line processing so kids spend more time eating lunch and less time waiting in line. We provide comprehensive solutions to both school administration and food service staff. Why wordware’s Lunch cashier system is best for the district and all school –

  • Communicate meal balance information to families using our email, text message and/or voice notifications.
  • Online free & reduced meal applications. Parents sign up for government benefits through us and our software handles the rest. The detailed reporting goes straight to you.
  • Ou goal is to make your job of easier. We offer both on-site and cloud-based solutions that are designed to fit your school’s needs.
  • Fast, a reliable point-of-sale system that’s easy to learn and simple to use.
  • Friendly helpful support to assist you with any emergency, question, or suggestion you may have.
  • Our software helps simplify the process while reducing the potential for errors. Applications are processed quickly & accurately.
  • Reduces time to process free & reduced meal applications.
  • Fewer phone calls, less negative balances & accurate reimbursement dollars for your school.
  • Easy to use the portal, parents can make deposits, check balances, monitor transactions, modify line permissions & change balance notification settings.
  • Comprehensive reports can save many hours of data collection and compilation. This allows you to minimize the time spent on managing family & student account information.
  • Support French, Spanish & English languages in the family site and in email balance notifications. Family contacts have the option to choose their language preference

Wordware offers point-of-sale software and hardware that assists your school with increasing your meal sales while simplifying the entire process. Combine that with top-grade support and you have the best lunch cashier system available today. Contact us today for a free demo! https://www.wordwareinc.com/

Are you facing difficulty in Managing School Nutrition Programs for your school District?

No Worries! EduTrak Makes it Possible to Manage School Nutrition Programs on Every Campus from One Location. Edutrak works on these fundamentals and take care of your all worries. We have multiple solutions for your school including School nutrition management, Tuition, Food Service, Athletic Registration, ePayTrak, ePayTix, Child Care, Credit Card Processing.

EDUTRAK Software company has offices in Bloomington, Minnesota and Boulder, Colorado. EduTrak Software is a subsidiary of Advanced Payment Technologies. Our experienced team brings more than a decade of expertise to development and delivery of ecommerce and payment software solutions, SCHOOL CAFETERIA MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, to schools, K-12 Schools, Districts Schools and many organizations across the Minnesota state and country.

Keeping food and nutrition operations running smoothly is a challenge faced by every school district, charter school, college, and university, as well as many other nonprofit entities. Edutrak Softwares automates and remodels school nutrition programs to provide cost savings, reduce workload, and increase satisfaction among staff, students, and parents.

Simplify – We make application so simple that filling out forms for parents intuitive and easy, all in one simple to use interface. Schools can manage all activities very easily as the software workflow is very easy and step forward.

Consolidate –School business officials can now track all of their payments in one location by account code, department code and a variety of custom identifiers.

Secure –Everything we do is driven from a passion to secure your data and your payments.

As Covid -19 has changed way of school working and common life. Most of the schools are closed and facing revenue loss. After the lockdown the meal counts are none or very less which makes revenue loss. School Nutrition departments are facing difficult financial and operational decisions complicated by uncertainty over Corona crisis.  Fewer meals naturally mean less product needs to be purchased, so food procurement expenses are down, but labor costs have not fallen nearly as fast, since many programs, out of contractual necessity or just basic decency, have continued to pay workers, most of whom are not putting in the same hours as before.

If and when students finally return to school, few expect the days of crowded lunchrooms to resume, which means formulating and implementing alternatives ranging from scattered points of service to all meals being served in the classroom, similar to how breakfast in the classroom programs operate. Some of this may require more labor than before as self-service will probably be almost totally eliminated, and perhaps infrastructure changes and investment in new equipment such as mobile carts as well. Plus, some menus may have to be reworked, especially if there are ongoing spot shortages in key product categories.

Reduce costs – Easily track key metrics to identify inefficiencies and lower the cost of doing business.

Schools need to set up a School nutrition management service system where students can go through a modified service line and make selections; this may allow you to expand offerings a bit, but options will still be limited due to a reduced footprint for service, and to support this system you will likely need to purchase hot/cold hold service equipment. Ideally, students will be able to come to the cafe to make meal selections this should allow you to maintain standard service levels an expanded array of meal choices so long as the supply chain is strong.

Speed up your lines – Our Point of Sale systems are smartly designed to quickly guide cashiers through each transaction and keep your serving lines moving.

We are passionate about our role in school nutrition management and we always strive to  to make it easier for you and your school to manage your busy operation successfully. Our complete system is an integrated, cloud-based solution designed to fit your needs. K-12 School Nutrition &  Online Payments Solutions |

Edutrak School nutrition management solution always strive to keep up with cafeteria lunch lines:

You will never waste time at the Point-of-Sale (POS), causing slow lunch lines and increasing labor costs.

  • Easy integration with other systems, saving extra work, and data entry errors.
  • Your Staff will never be overburden and they will be doing only assigned duties. So no force to employees to assume too many different roles and responsibilities.
  • The security is too tight, encrypted data.
  • Parents feel comfortable,  never forcing them to jump through hoops to make sure their children are well-fed.
  • Software is so advance and easy and fast  processes with minimal input and loops.
  • Schools can work from multiple computers and different user can play different roles.
  • Target your primary focus—efficiently feeding your students with quality, nutritious meals that enhance their learning.
  • Friendly, proactive, available support is critical to the success of implementing and maintaining the accurate software solutions. 

Edutak school nutrition management  Software are capable for the ability to adapt and remain compliant to changes and updates to local, State, and Federal laws, policies, and regulations for K-12 food service operations.  We offers fully-integrated modules in an online suite. Desired modules include Point of Sale, Menu Planning & Nutritional Analysis, Ordering Management, Inventory, and Meal Accountability & Reporting.

School nutrition management Software Can support POS functionality at all school site locations, central office, and warehouse facility simultaneously. Software can function and retain data without internet connection and  capable of automatically syncing.

Software can support multiple serving lines within each site and remote serving lines if applicable and upload data automatically when connection to database is provided. Has the ability to run unique POS and capture data for various USDA programs, including but not limited to: National School Lunch Program, School Breakfast Program, After School Snack Program, Seamless Summer Program, Sumer Feeding Program, Child and Adult Food Care Program

Allows for students to be identified at POS in multiple ways, including at least the following methods: student ID entry on pin pad, student ID barcode scan, cashier lookup by name, homeroom, grade, etc. Displays messages, notes allergy alerts, and medical information about students to cashier during transactions

Allows for user entry at administrative level for student special dietary notes and medical alerts, allergies, special diets, no snack, check ID, diabetic, etc. that can automatically be displayed at POS Offers customizable security groups allowing/disallowing specific users to add/edit/delete student special dietary data

Allows for daily menus to interface with menu overlay on register screens Allows for student accounts to be obtainable from any campus within the school district Allows for multiple meals/meal prices per day at each school based on grade level Uploads daily POS data to vendor -hosted cloud database and central office automatically Transmits counts of daily meals served by program, all revenues by meal type, and a la carte sales for each site to the database and central office Includes a daily check report with check number and associated student account number to which they apply.

Edutrak school management systems provide many new functions that increase efficiency and profitability, including multiple input options, integrated software systems and complete school nutrition and payment solutions.

Edutrak Choice Partners contracts, which meet all government procurement law, can also be personalized to provide services your team needs, with in-person and online training,

We are customer service, customer-focused technology systems, and tech solutions.

School Cafeteria Software – edutrak’s ePayCafe lunch cashier system

Are you feeling PRESSURE to feed your school children in shorter time?

  • Software Issue
  • Database Duplicating problem
  • System Crash
  • System Fix and Support taking time
  • IT related other issues
  • Parents accounting issue
  • Internet troubles

edutrak’s ePayCafe lunch cashier system  for your School cafeteria is answer for your problem. We have cloud based Lunch cashier system which servers fast quick and easily for your IT Staff. It can run at all your schools yet be managed centrally, at your district offices—or anywhere—by any staff you grant credentials. It’s been refined over and over since its launch. It’s simple, stable, and effective.

  • Quick
  • Robust
  • Flexible
  • Reliable
  • backed by excellent service

ePayCafe Lunch Cashier System

edutrak’s ePayCafe lunch cashier system or LCS  is a full featured accounting and management system that is specifically designed for school, be it large or small. Every feature and reporting function incorporated into this program was created with the food professionals in mind.

edutrak’s demonstrated  automation solutions are hard and resistant at assignments. It powered improved functional efficiency; it also intensifies the administrative productivity and upgraded convenience and satisfaction at dozens of schools and set out organisations across north America.

Our unique appliance based application requires no monotonous software installation  and can be ready in minutes and be deployed effortlessly to the school’s existing equipment. In our application the updates and backups are done automatically through the cloud.

School lunches are an important part of a child’s health and wellbeing. Our solution is guaranteed to simplify your lunch process and improves the efficiency of your cafeteria. Our module is a point-of-sale system that takes and processes lunch line orders . It also includes additional finances and pre-ordering features and supports your school lunch program.

Our lunch system is customized to your school and interconnected with any of your other modules. Specifically, all lunch purchases are automatically stored in a separate finance ledger for easier data reporting . 

Generally, schools are in charge of finding a better system for managing their school lunch program that fits within their tight budget, because usually schools has a mixture of new and old operating systems and aging equipment at different buildings. When the current system goes down it creates utter chaos and the IT staff is not always able to get a backup quickly. The school starts feeling pressure from all the sides to ensure accounts are accurate, current and that each child is promptly fed in shorter and shorter lunch periods . With continual changes to the national school lunch program staying compliant has been a major challenge, as kids come to the serving line identifying the payment status while maintaining anonymity and accuracy is crucial. Claims and reports are scrutinized at more and more granular levels.

School needs a program that simplifies this process and allow them to do more and more with less. So, edutak and its epaycafe lunch cashier system helps them to work the way they want. ePayCafe takes the stress out of school nutrition management!

To get a better understanding our module lets walk through its main features.

1.       Our module is a web based solution that works with the system that your school already have.so, you can avoid installations of several other systems that probably takes a lot of time and money. The lunch cafeteria system lines of products is usable on virtually any HTML5 capable device.

2.       Our free and reduced module streamlines reporting requirements for your state.

3.       We group families together to make life easier. Along with parents, multiple family members can log in and view meal history, they can also make payments and manage their accounts.

4.       Balanced notification is just another feature of our module. It keeps payments and budgets on track. Low balance email notifications customized for each and every family are sent out nightly.

5.       You can use this cloud without compromising your network. Edutrak  lunch cashier system can be positioned as an entirely cloud based solution with proper license.

6.       Hence, our module is cloud based, server based, cloud/server combo.

A Cafeteria Lunch System You Can Count On
Edutrak epaycafe is a advance system that works on all HTML5-compatible devices with zero affinity problems. It takes very less time, just few minutes to install and connects securely to the cloud of automatic updates, sync and backup.

Our module is perfect for school cafeterias , colleges and universities, hospitals and commercial building cafeterias.

Edutrak’s  epay cafe lunch cashier system works for both parents and schools. Our software is special  for your students and it enables them to get through the lunch line quickly. Also, parents can sign up through us  for the government benefits and our software handles the rest, and the detailed report of it will goes straight to you directly. Our software’s setup is fast and flexible because it can run on any machine that uses a web browser. School districts continue to rely on our software products year after year because they work—and they’re affordable!.  

 Our cafeteria module offers more with less work. It keeps your line moving and keeps your records accurate. It eliminates cash or ticket systems. We also provide debit cards and meal credits for the payment of you child’s meal and the entire transaction can be processes in less than 5 seconds.

Our innovative module is totally confidential for students on the fees and reduced program. It generates state and federal reports, all at the click of a button.

So, get ready to upgrade your school cafeteria management with our new, igneous, inventive and state-of –the art application of epaycafe lunch cashier system. We can take the compatibility guesswork out of hardware selection by providing a high-quality system customized to your schools’ needs, soup to nuts, at an affordable price.

For more details you can visit: info@edutrak.com

Or contact us: 1 -800- 365- 7270

A Complete Solution For K-12 Schools-POWERSCHOOL Tuition Module

Wordware Inc is providing a powerschool tuiton solution. Wordware’s powerschool is a student information system (SIS) that connects administrators, teachers, parents, and students in one seamless system. It handles all grading, attendence, and administrative tasks.

wordware is getting a new release out for customers and powerschool tution plugin is one of the best yet. Powerschool really truly is a benchmark release of wordware in that it is going to further  powerschool tuition plugin positions as the hub of schools and school district educational ecosystem.

Wordware have got an incredible new standard capability that our teachers are going to love. We’ve got new data visualisation that our administrative users are going to love.

Powerschool has long been the usability leader in the SIS space. Again are over more than 40 million users have come to know and love powerschool because it provides intuitive, very clean workflows and very ready to access information in a way that just makes sense for users.

Powerschool Tuition module integrates coherently wordware inc. If you are a powerschool customer, our plugins offers you the ability to assign fees to students and then give parents the ability to pay those fees in our checkout module. Hence, providing parents a one stop-shop enviroment.

Powerschool has brought together a number of data management and data analytics systems that really give a vital information to supretendents and to senior staff in a very understandable way.

Powerschool is the number 1 leader in K-12 education technology and has been for over 15 years.

 We have a new parent and student app, great new user interface, the number one new area of functionality requested by our customers is online registration. So features and functions that           the student enrollment process being conducted in a digital manner and being fully integrated with powerschool. 

Powerschool’s unified education technology software solutions power the education ecosystem like never before. From the back office to the classroom to the home, we unify your technology, putting everyone on the same team to unlock student’s potential.

Powerschool is already the best and the most comprehensive K-12 education.

Powerschool Tuition module powers all your school operations. It is secure, dependable and compliant. It is a best in class open system that is configurable to your specific needs. Our schol provides engagement on all devices connected administrators, teachers, students and parents.

Wordware works entirely online through a web browser, allowing staff members to work from school, home or anywhere else internet access is available. Wordware’s software runs on Macs, PCs, and tablets and does not require other special hardware or software. Wordware also provides supporting hardware items for modern edge.

With this wordware poweschool tuition plugins, schools get an open platform to streamline data management. Many schools have begun using wordware powerschool tuiton plugins. It has myriads of benefits and whatever you want and even more. It is precisely made by worware for your needs.

Powerschool provides value to schools of every shape and size and its been designed in collaboration with the education community every step of the way. We are investing millions of dollars to build a best in class secure private cloud. We protect your data like its our children’s data.

Powerschool is so robust, we have just so many different features and they are just consistently or constantly growing. The fact that it allows so many people to collaborate and look at the same information and not have to go back and forth between different systems, is really useful.

It help teachers learn how to be better teachers. It help site administrators learn how to be better site administrators. It help students learn how to be better students, because they all know what the data is. They can all see how it’s impacting them, whether it be on performance as aschool or performance as astudent. Being able to give feedback to our teachers, to our students, to our parents immediately really helps drive everyone forward.

Powerschool Tuition module allows parents to be fully immersed and interactive with their student success.Hide quoted text

You may have some basic questions regarding powerschool. Like, why teachers love powerschool?, why parents engagement is important to student success?

So, here we are to answer your questions.

 There are five reasons why teachers love powerschool SIS:

1.      Powerschool SIS helps to improve directives: powerschool is the only K-12 education platform designed to empower teachers with the tools needed to promote student access in one unified classroom experience. Powerteacher pro, the embedded gradebook, empowers teachers with real-time insights into student progress such that teachers can target growth areas.

powerschool allows us to better drill into student learning”, explains Allison Lair, Language Arts/Curriculum director at New London Community School District , lowa.

2. Powerschool SIS offers flexibility in styles of grading: powerteacher pro is optimised for both standards-based and traditional grading methods. “Teachers can save many hours because they no longer have to calculate their standards by hand. The gradebook does many of their calculations that took hours in the pasts,” says Denise Schlorff, Cordinator of information technology at Pennsylvania’s Hatboro-Horsham Schook District.

3. Customizations help tailor Powerschool SIS for our needs: powerschool SIS excells in allowing customers to tailor the system to their unique needs with little effort. Powerschhol offers easy, limitless tailoring options, incliding  customising the different students and parents portals, adding endless tables and fields, and creating page and database scripts to process information in an automated fashion. “ my favourite feature of powerschool is the customizations,” says Davis.

4. powerschools improves efficiency  and saves time: Technology by design, should make a user’s job easier and, in turn, allows them to get more done.

For teachers, that means spreading less time on administration and more time on education. “embracing technology like powerteacher pro is reallu the only way to be transformativein education and to ultimately allow kids to be creative and explore”

5. powerschool SIS improves parent engagement and drives student growth: powerschool helps inform and engage parents through real-time student performance updates and convenient communication tools – such as the onlin parent portal and the mobile app- giving parents anytime, anywhere access to 360 degree views of their student’s perforamnce.

Also, when parents are involved, student take more responsibility for their learning and accountability is heightened. Communication improves when within family when children reach out for help. Engagement can strengthen the parent-student reltionship.

So use this wordware’s powerschool to improve daily operations, boost administration productivity, identify problem areas, and ensure funding with easy reporting .

Powerschool is the most widely used  student information system in K-12 education.

Our school innovative technology improves the K-12 education experience for everyone for over 15 million.

So, overall powerschool is really fantastic.

For more details regarding this software or if you have any query, you can contact us

Call us: 800.955.2649

Or email: sales@wordwareinc.com