School Cafeteria Software – edutrak’s ePayCafe lunch cashier system

Are you feeling PRESSURE to feed your school children in shorter time?

  • Software Issue
  • Database Duplicating problem
  • System Crash
  • System Fix and Support taking time
  • IT related other issues
  • Parents accounting issue
  • Internet troubles

edutrak’s ePayCafe lunch cashier system  for your School cafeteria is answer for your problem. We have cloud based Lunch cashier system which servers fast quick and easily for your IT Staff. It can run at all your schools yet be managed centrally, at your district offices—or anywhere—by any staff you grant credentials. It’s been refined over and over since its launch. It’s simple, stable, and effective.

  • Quick
  • Robust
  • Flexible
  • Reliable
  • backed by excellent service

ePayCafe Lunch Cashier System

edutrak’s ePayCafe lunch cashier system or LCS  is a full featured accounting and management system that is specifically designed for school, be it large or small. Every feature and reporting function incorporated into this program was created with the food professionals in mind.

edutrak’s demonstrated  automation solutions are hard and resistant at assignments. It powered improved functional efficiency; it also intensifies the administrative productivity and upgraded convenience and satisfaction at dozens of schools and set out organisations across north America.

Our unique appliance based application requires no monotonous software installation  and can be ready in minutes and be deployed effortlessly to the school’s existing equipment. In our application the updates and backups are done automatically through the cloud.

School lunches are an important part of a child’s health and wellbeing. Our solution is guaranteed to simplify your lunch process and improves the efficiency of your cafeteria. Our module is a point-of-sale system that takes and processes lunch line orders . It also includes additional finances and pre-ordering features and supports your school lunch program.

Our lunch system is customized to your school and interconnected with any of your other modules. Specifically, all lunch purchases are automatically stored in a separate finance ledger for easier data reporting . 

Generally, schools are in charge of finding a better system for managing their school lunch program that fits within their tight budget, because usually schools has a mixture of new and old operating systems and aging equipment at different buildings. When the current system goes down it creates utter chaos and the IT staff is not always able to get a backup quickly. The school starts feeling pressure from all the sides to ensure accounts are accurate, current and that each child is promptly fed in shorter and shorter lunch periods . With continual changes to the national school lunch program staying compliant has been a major challenge, as kids come to the serving line identifying the payment status while maintaining anonymity and accuracy is crucial. Claims and reports are scrutinized at more and more granular levels.

School needs a program that simplifies this process and allow them to do more and more with less. So, edutak and its epaycafe lunch cashier system helps them to work the way they want. ePayCafe takes the stress out of school nutrition management!

To get a better understanding our module lets walk through its main features.

1.       Our module is a web based solution that works with the system that your school already, you can avoid installations of several other systems that probably takes a lot of time and money. The lunch cafeteria system lines of products is usable on virtually any HTML5 capable device.

2.       Our free and reduced module streamlines reporting requirements for your state.

3.       We group families together to make life easier. Along with parents, multiple family members can log in and view meal history, they can also make payments and manage their accounts.

4.       Balanced notification is just another feature of our module. It keeps payments and budgets on track. Low balance email notifications customized for each and every family are sent out nightly.

5.       You can use this cloud without compromising your network. Edutrak  lunch cashier system can be positioned as an entirely cloud based solution with proper license.

6.       Hence, our module is cloud based, server based, cloud/server combo.

A Cafeteria Lunch System You Can Count On
Edutrak epaycafe is a advance system that works on all HTML5-compatible devices with zero affinity problems. It takes very less time, just few minutes to install and connects securely to the cloud of automatic updates, sync and backup.

Our module is perfect for school cafeterias , colleges and universities, hospitals and commercial building cafeterias.

Edutrak’s  epay cafe lunch cashier system works for both parents and schools. Our software is special  for your students and it enables them to get through the lunch line quickly. Also, parents can sign up through us  for the government benefits and our software handles the rest, and the detailed report of it will goes straight to you directly. Our software’s setup is fast and flexible because it can run on any machine that uses a web browser. School districts continue to rely on our software products year after year because they work—and they’re affordable!.  

 Our cafeteria module offers more with less work. It keeps your line moving and keeps your records accurate. It eliminates cash or ticket systems. We also provide debit cards and meal credits for the payment of you child’s meal and the entire transaction can be processes in less than 5 seconds.

Our innovative module is totally confidential for students on the fees and reduced program. It generates state and federal reports, all at the click of a button.

So, get ready to upgrade your school cafeteria management with our new, igneous, inventive and state-of –the art application of epaycafe lunch cashier system. We can take the compatibility guesswork out of hardware selection by providing a high-quality system customized to your schools’ needs, soup to nuts, at an affordable price.

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