PowerSchool Plugin that works for your School

Have you found yourself losing sleep because you believe the perfect point-of- sale lunch cashier software does not exist? Fear no more; it does, and it’s us!

Wordware Inc based in Bloomington, MN is a company that exclusively works on School software like school management, Cafeteria Management, School lunch software, school payment software, fee payment, food service, tuition, activity registration, school-age daycare and more.  We offer the best software solution for school lunch programs for Schools. Wordware team worked tirelessly to provide our customers with the best possible experience.

For more than thirty years, Wordware has been a leader in lunch accounting software programs. Working closely with lunch accounting administrators & state representatives has culminated into one major leap forward in lunch accounting technology

With our development of our PowerSchool Plugins, we give schools and parents single sign-on capabilities. To give your school district and parent’s a tight integration and a user-friendly experience. All of our apps are embedded inside of the PowerSchool parent portal to give your parents a seamless, intuitive, and user-friendly experience. Your PowerSchool parent can sign on to their parent portal with their username and password. That’s all a parent needs in order to sign in and check their lunch balance, pay school fees, or make a real-time online payment with their credit or debit card. One location, one login. No more multiple locations or usernames and passwords to remember.

The plugin is very easy to install… one-click install and go!

How do you get started? We work directly with your PowerSchool Admin to get the plugin installed. The plugin will be shared with your admin in a zip file in Google Drive. After installation and you enable the plugin, we create a secure API connection using id and client secret. We have support staff that will assist you with the plugin management configuration in the plugin management dashboard.

Why use our  PowerSchool plugin? Parents don’t want to remember multiple logins, they want to have a centralized location to do their business. Our plugin gives them that. Not only the parent experience but for the district itself. We sync your student information from PowerSchool to Wordware. No manually creating student data in two systems. Our goal is to make our customer’s life easier. Any roll we can take that helps do that is one we gladly accept.

Our development team worked tirelessly to develop a plugin that would assist school districts to operate efficiently and data to import seamlessly. Not sure how to get started? If you are a new customer looking to see what our plugin can offer you. Schedule a demo today by calling Julie Lindem at 651-964-2224 or via email at julie@wordwareinc.com. We can show you the seamless integration from a parent’s perspective along with what a school district admin experience would be.

Don’t have our system for your foodservice? We would love the opportunity to demonstrate how Wordware can make your life easier. I know from experience! I came from a school district in Wisconsin. After working for this district for 12+years, I know Wordware. How their support guided me through and assisted me in any question I had. I knew when I called, no question I had was too small or unimportant. Think of it as the show “Cheers”, where everyone knows your name. That is how I felt as a customer of Wordware. I was always treated with respect and in a friendly, helpful manner. For free and reduced processing, the efficiency of the process saved time and man-hours. I was able to use my other full-time office worker in another manner because my free and reduced process was so efficient it cut time off our day.

We are here to support, whether it is with installing your PowerSchool plugin or any other question with our products or services. We have a multitude of products and suites of products to help make your life easier and offer those conveniences to your parents. Whether it’s Point of Sale software or our eCommerce solution. We pride ourselves on making or software something the customer wants and that fits their needs.

Parents that have experienced our Powerschool plugin, love having everything at their fingertips. Being able to set restrictions on spending limits, to check their account balance or transaction history. All from right inside Powerschool. Or if they need to go to one of our suites of applications, all they need to do is click on the icon inside PowerSchool to redirect them to the spot they want to land. One location, one password, one goal. Make your experience the best it can be.

Wordware, Inc’s Lunch cashier system(School cafeteria software) is a complete, affordable, user-friendly meal accounting system for schools, including back-office and point-of-sale management software. Our Consumer Front End gives school district departments the ability to design their front-facing website to get important information out to parents easily. It is completely customizable to your school. Federal and State Reimbursement tracking reports & fast lunch line processing so kids spend more time eating lunch and less time waiting in line. We provide comprehensive solutions to both school administration and food service staff. Why wordware’s Lunch cashier system is best for the district and all school –

  • Communicate meal balance information to families using our email, text message and/or voice notifications.
  • Online free & reduced meal applications. Parents sign up for government benefits through us and our software handles the rest. The detailed reporting goes straight to you.
  • Ou goal is to make your job of easier. We offer both on-site and cloud-based solutions that are designed to fit your school’s needs.
  • Fast, a reliable point-of-sale system that’s easy to learn and simple to use.
  • Friendly helpful support to assist you with any emergency, question, or suggestion you may have.
  • Our software helps simplify the process while reducing the potential for errors. Applications are processed quickly & accurately.
  • Reduces time to process free & reduced meal applications.
  • Fewer phone calls, less negative balances & accurate reimbursement dollars for your school.
  • Easy to use the portal, parents can make deposits, check balances, monitor transactions, modify line permissions & change balance notification settings.
  • Comprehensive reports can save many hours of data collection and compilation. This allows you to minimize the time spent on managing family & student account information.
  • Support French, Spanish & English languages in the family site and in email balance notifications. Family contacts have the option to choose their language preference

Wordware offers point-of-sale software and hardware that assists your school with increasing your meal sales while simplifying the entire process. Combine that with top-grade support and you have the best lunch cashier system available today. Contact us today for a free demo! https://www.wordwareinc.com/