Wordware PowerSchool Tuition Module detail description

Why use wordwarePowerSchool plugin?
One location, one password, one goal. Make your experience the best it can be. Parents don’t want to remember multiple logins, they want to have a centralized location to do their business. Our plugin gives them that. Not only the parent experience but for the district itself. We sync your student information from PowerSchool to Wordware.
Parents that have experienced our Powerschool plugin, love having everything at their fingertips. Being able to set restrictions on spending limits, to check their account balance or transaction history. All from right inside Powerschool.

1A) Using our Batch editor for tuition contracts, schools can assign contracts individually or on a large scale.  Schools also can assign scholarship contracts to students who qualify.

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1B) Once contracts are assigned you can view these contractdetails under the “Contracts” Tab of your District Administrative Site.

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1C)Parents can also view and sign their contracts inside the parent portal by clicking on the Tuition app button.

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2A) With our PowerSchool Plugin, parent’s can login directly to PowerSchool, click on  Smartschoolk12 under navigation menu. They will then be directed to our app bar. Once there parents would click on tuition, they will be able to view any unsigned contract, scheduled payment’s and outstanding balances.

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2b) Parents can select the “Make a Payment” button in PowerSchool and be routed over to the “Checkout” application to make their payment for tuition and pay for other fee’s, including lunch. They will also be able to view any payment history

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3 a& b) In our admin portal schools can view and print invoices, add check or cash payments. They also have the flexibility to delete the invoice as well

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3 c) Schools can view the contracts as well (see image 1b), see inactive contract and delete contract.

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3d& e) Schools can search for orders by bank account or fee item.

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3f) Schools can refund the ordersunder order details.

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4) Schools can generate an Accounts Receivable report in our Administrative portal (which shows current balance, days past due. This report can be generated csv

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