The schools in the Lennox School District are on a computer system

The school operated lunch program is open to serve students breakfast and hot lunch at a reasonable price. Students may bring sack lunches. A la carte is available for high school students at an additional price.
The schools in the Lennox School District are on a computer system
(Wordware) for keeping records of lunch charges. All students in the family are under one account. However, each student has their own lunch ID number. This number is used as they go through the lunch line to purchase their meal. A photo of the student shows on the screen as their number is entered to assure the identity of the student. You can check your student’s lunch account and make payments at the school website
click on ‘Food Service’, then on‘ Check Lunch Account’, Wordware has made changes this year and you must create your own username and password. If you need help with this, please call the school for assistance.
The system is a pre payment program not a credit program. It is the parent’s responsibility to maintain a positive balance in their child’s account. Emails are sent out daily for balances of $15 or less. Please check your account often to keep a positive balance at all times. If your balance reaches a negative $10, your students will no longer be allowed to charge meals until a deposit is made into your account! 2015-2016 Lennox High School Student Handbook Page 12 Upon request, a refund of account balances will be given if the family is leaving the district or if the graduating student is the last student in the family. Free and reduced price meals are available for families who need assistance. You can pick up a form at any of the school offices or print a form from the school website. If you qualified for free or reduced prices the previous year, you must re apply again each school year BEFORE October 1st or your account will switch back to full price. You can apply at any time during the school year if your income or family size changes. If you qualify for either status, only the main meal is at a free or reduced price. The school offers five food components (milk, fruits, vegetables, grains, meat/meat alternates). Students are allowed to decline 2 of the 5 required food components, but must select at least ½ cup of either a fruit or vegetable.

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