Wordware Inc – Lunch Cashier System 4.x and above with Lunch Cashier SIF Agent 2.x

Wordware Inc – Lunch Cashier System 4.x and above with LunchCashier SIF Agent 2.x and above First to Be SIF 2 Certified K12 Cafeteria program from Wordware Inc is first internationally to Receive new SIF 2 Certification

Lunch Cashier System became the first cafeteria technology vendor to receive product certification under new SIF 2 standard. The Lunch Cashier System SIF Agent is developed by Wordware Inc, a recognized leader in the SIF Association.. The SIF 2 Agent allows customers using Lunch Cashier System, which features a single, centralized database, the ability to receive and share the most up-to-date student information.

The Lunch Cashier System SIF Agent can also We integrate with a number of industry-leading online payment portals, meaning faster funds availability for both you, and your students. Wordware Lunch Cashier System provides school cafeteria Point of Sale Software for K-12 schools, college, university, corporate, healthcare, military cafeterias etc. Everything about the Lunch Cashier System software has been updated to ensure that you can focus on your students – not your point of sale software. Ours application is world Top Food Service Management Software Product.

The Schools Interoperability Framework Association (SIFA) is a non-profit organization with nearly 1000 members representing K-20 software vendors and education agencies. These organizations have come together to create a set of rules and definitions which enable software programs from different companies to share information. This set of platform-independent, vendor-neutral rules and definitions is called the SIF Implementation Specification.

In 1986 Wordware Inc introduced the first lunch accounting software. In 2012, we introduced the first lunch accounting software that takes advantage of modern cloud technology.
More than twenty five years of working closely with lunch accounting software, lunch accounting administrators, and state representatives has all culminated into one major leap forward in lunch accounting technology. We are very proud to introduce the LCS 1000 appliance.

Wordware has taken a huge step forward in the development and release of the LCS 1000.  This new centralized mini-server has been specially set up to not only dedicate itself to lunch accounting, but to be ready for constant updates and development.   Let us show you how the all new LCS 1000 system can revolutionize your lunch accounting services, distributes and supports school accounting and food service management software in public and private K-12 schools nationwide.

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