Elementary School, Junior High School, Public schools students can get their lunch with our partiality in Lunchroom.

Public schools participating in the new lunch program offering Free and reduced meals

To “Do Lunch” means to let go of responsibilities, forget school rules and to socialize extensively for short time. But when you let them stand in separate lines for lunch, poor in different and rich in paid row make system questionable. It is also important that student can find ways for relax and respecting others. Some students behaves well and some behave badly but in the time lunch staff can judge personality of students as there is short time and they have to do their lunch lots of discussion, gossips etc,. A controlling leadership style invites rebellion, resistance, and a lack of self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation and social interest. And to manage time and manpower we have developed a solution which is a result of continuous 25 years hard work.

The largest of the federal nutrition assistance programs, to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). But the stigma remained, as it did for the NSLP—the second largest of these programs—which serves free-and-reduced lunches to more than 31 million students annually.

There were separate lines for paid and free lunch in most of the schools. Many students would rather forgo their midday meals than take the walk of shame in the NSLP line. In one line cash-paying students waited to enjoy a wide selection of à la carte, or “competitive,” foods. In another, low-income, mostly minority students stood single file to receive prepackaged free-or-reduced meals supplied by the National School Lunch Program (NSLP).

To get rid from this we designed application so that any student can take lunch from any of the counter by using their ID. Counter supervision will be guided for service to be provided for the students like paid, reduced or Free.

In survey they found that one-third of school districts had separate lines or service areas for NSLP and competitive foods in high schools nationwide.

There were schools using diffent diffent application for their lunch program to offer NSLP and to maintain their records for claim, how so ever we have solved this problem with LCS1000 MayFlower. You can manage free and reduced meals from supervision or admin login.

There are strict rules for standards on the nutritional requirements of NSLP meals in schools and not allow non compliant food. Also schools’ internal accounting is often not kept separate, so we prepared data bridge to share data from one section to other and make Sync between data and accounts. Sync easily moves anything, anywhere – all the benefits of the cloud, none of the limitations, available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

We offered solution for integrating the lines by bringing competitive foods into compliance with NSLP nutritional requirements. It was very difficult to distinguish between prepaid cards and NSLP funds when Uniform debit cards was replaced by lunch line. The bookkeeping also changed. Whereas before, NSLP and competitive-food revenues had been lumped together, they would now be tracked independently.

The pilot survey was record breaking more and more school are enrolling for NSLP and school revenue are increasing too. Lunch lines were similarly integrated in all Minnesota middle and high schools during school year. Official say “ this is the most effective and fast implementation we have done.”

Due to latest changes happening in more and more school cafeterias across the country. Cheaper and better technology is allowing the broader use of online money transfer debit system, lunch accounts and fast services. New rules on community eligibility based on a district’s SNAP enrolment are poised to go nationwide in the coming school year, which should make the NSLP available for more students and potentially reduce the stigma.

Based on survey other schools in USA are also implementing Lunch Cashier System more than 100 already working on Wordware’s Lunchroom system.

Lunchroom System, Lunch service feedback, how are we doing?

We use an automated Point Of Sale (POS) lunch system in the Hershey Public School District. Each student has a lunch account and student from same family have a Family Account. This system allows students to “bank” money in their account. Money in this account may only be used for lunch and ala carte items. To access a student’s account, we use Family ID. Free and Reduced student information is automatically in the POS system. A new free/reduced application needs to be submitted every year. All information on an account is confidential. – Hershey Public School District

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