Wordware dedicated for providing best nutrition software to the schools for School Lunch

In looking at the development of school lunch programs with integration of school lunch software, one theme becomes evident. Students perform better in the classroom if they are properly nourished. Going back to Europe in pre-US colonial times, the first evidence of a food program started because a teacher wanted to feed his students a nutritious meal on a tight budget.   Over the years, different cities and countries in Europe gradually developed systems for feeding hungry children so they could study better.

Today’s national food program in the US has roots in many small food services across the country, sponsored by churches, home societies, associations and the like. Most were genuinely concerned about hungry and needy children.   In 1904 Robert Hunter wrote in his book Poverty that “every child shall be given a certain amount of instruction, let us render it possible for them to receive it” meaning ‘feed them’. School’s lunch software provides ease and fast process of lunch distribution.

Flash forward to today. There have been frequent headlines, social media posts gone viral, and news reports on the benefits of the new nutrition guidelines for schools. What is interesting, in light of why we provide nourishment to our future workforce, is that no one seems to be asking the teachers if it is making a difference. Are students overall performing better? Are reading, writing and mathematics skills improving because, at least in part, we have a well-fed school population? Questions worth asking, don’t you think? This all is possible with the help of nutrition software, named lunch cashier system. Only school lunch software,in the industry which works on Windows, MAC, Chromebook. Wordware is continually developing their nutrition software to meet and exceed the needs and demands of our customers across multiple settings. Based on our customer needs and technology environments, we have created a fully web based program that will run on any HTML5 device and can be deployed as a fully cloud based solution or on an appliance. What does that mean to you? You can deploy our software any way you choose without a major investment in your infrastructure.

Wordware dedicated for providing best nutrition software to the schools for the health of students and to make worry free their parents.


National School Lunch Program, Background and Development, by Gordon W. Gunderson, 06/17/2014