The Osseo Middle School and Osseo High School will be starting an after school snack program

The Osseo Middle School and Osseo High School will be starting an after school snack program. Every child who is attending an educational or enrichment activity, in an organized, structured, and supervised environment after the end of the school day during the school year is eligible for a free snack. A snack will be two of the four food components: milk, grain,fruit/veg, meat or meat alternate.
Lunch Account Information Osseo-Fair child uses a computerized program for breakfast, lunch and milk. To briefly review how the program works; each family will have a family account from which money is deducted each time a member of that family eats. If you have students in both the elementary and middle/senior high level, they will all be drawing off the same family account. This eliminates sending lunch money with each child. Parents can send money, or preferably a check, with one student for the entire family. A minimum deposit of $20 PER STUDENT is requested. If you would like to pay more, you can do so.
When a student eats or has milk, his/her lunch ID number is entered at the lunch line computer and the price of the purchase is deducted from their family account. Costs associated with the food service program are listed with the Student/Adult Fees in the Outlook. Please encourage your children to start their day off by participating in our breakfast program. Children who eat a nutritional breakfast tend to perform better at school. Breakfast is served before school each day. Cards for students in grades K-5 will be held by the students’ teachers until lunch time. Students in grades 6-12 will be responsible for their own cards. When a family’s balance reaches $20 or less, you will receive an e-mail notification that your balance is running low. If you do not have an e-mail address, a letter will be sent home with your child notifying you of your low balance. The letter will also inform the parents how many times each child has eaten and had milk. You can also obtain lunch account information by following the breakfast/lunch link on our school district website. You will need your family ID to retrieve this information. You can contact Carla at 715-597-3141 ext. 1413 with assistance on logging into your account.
We ask that you pay your first deposit before the start of school. You can pay in the High School Office from 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon and 1:00 p.m. to
4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday or send your deposit to: Osseo-Fairchild Schools, c/o Carla Sieg, 50851 East St., Osseo, WI 54758. Payments can also be made online through the Wordware website . Many families used the online payment option last year and seemed to like the convenience of it.
If you were not approved for free meals through direct certification, you should apply for free or reduced meals by returning the application which
was sent to you at the beginning of August. Applications may also be picked up at each school office. If you received a letter from us that indicated that you were approved for free meals due to Direct Certification with the State, you do not need to complete an application to receive free meals. In order to have as many applications approved before the start of school, please return your applicat555ion as soon as possible. If you were approved for free or reduced last year because of an application, you will need to complete a new application by October 13th to continue receiving benefits. If your form is not turned in by this date, you will be required to pay full price until you turn in your form and it is approved. Anyone who would like to send in payment (check or money order) or the free/reduced lunch form, please send them to the following address:
Osseo-Fairchild School District
Attention: Carla Sieg
50851 East St.

Osseo, WI 54758

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Carla in the High School Office. Her phone number is 715-597-3141 ext. 1413.
Please try to deposit money and turn in applications prior to the start of school. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!
Just A Bite
Handling A “Choosy” Eater “Choosy” eating is a child-size step toward growing up and showing independence. In fact, what seems like a challenge to you may be an early step towards making food choices. A child’s “NO” does not always mean no. What seems “choosy” may just be your child’s awkward first steps in learning to make decisions.
What appears to be choosy eating may instead be a smaller appetite.
The best advice for you is to relax and be patient
10 Effective Ways to Handle a “Choosy” Eater
1. Treat food jags casually.
2. Consider what a child eats over several days.
3. Trust your child’s appetite
4. Set reasonable time limits for the start and end of a meal
5. Stay positive
6. Serve food plain, and respect the “no foods touching” rule
7. Avoid being a short-order cook
8. Substitute a similar food
9. Provide just two or three choices
10. Focus on your child’s positive eating behaviors