Riverside Elementary School – Register for Star Food – Chicken!

Welcome back! We look forward to serving everyone again this school year. Remember, if you are not registered at Wordware, the lunch cashier system, go to https://family.wordwareinc.com and click the orange ‘Quick and Easy Registration’ link on the right side.

Email erdjea@sdmfschools.org or call (262) 250-6462 to request the family key you will need in step
2. You can then monitor your family lunch balance, see daily student purchases, set your own low balance email notification level and make an online payment using FeeZee, plus more! If you have any questions regarding the school lunch program, please don’t hesitate to call (262) 250-6461 or (262) 250-6462.

We are here to help in any way we can! Did you know? We are serving a higher quality chicken this year. We have premium chicken tenders, Asian orange chicken and chicken drumsticks that are all products using whole muscle chicken. Try them for lunch when they are on the menu. You won’t be disappointed! This month’s Star Food is… Chicken!

Fun Chicken Facts:
Male chickens are called “roosters” and the females are called “hens.” Baby chickens are called “chicks.”
A healthy chicken lays about 265 eggs each year.
Chickens lay white, brown, blue or green eggs.