Hometown Heroes: Pizzas and Subs coming to Hemingford

Anyone up for some freshly made pizza?

Soon you’ll be able to grab pizza, subs and more at a new pizza place/sandwich shop in Hemingford!

Hometown Heroes: Pizzas and Subs will be opening at 404 Niobrara on Sunday, May 1.

Owner Roger Christianson, who owns the business with Beth Dahl, said all the renovations have been done for about a week. All that’s left to do is some paperwork and getting the food in the coolers ready to make.

Christianson said the excitement and positive comments from everyone has them eager to get the doors open and the food devoured.

So why the name Hometown Heroes: Pizzas and Subs? Christianson is a big fan of Superman and other super heroes. Dahl says he is always trying to get new super hero stuff and thinks he has finally found a way to do it. Seriously, though, it’s a play on the word heroes (subs). Christianson said they have only been here for a couple years and are always amazed at the true hometown feel of Hemingford.

“It’s more than a place to live, it really is home,” he said. “We also hope to find some of our true hometown heroes. We are thinking of having a sort of drawing where you can nominate your favorite hero and you and they would win a free lunch.”

Christianson decided to take on this business venture after he was approached with an amazing opportunity.

“It’s always been my dream to have my own family run shop and coupled with the ability to bring some delicious variety to Hemingford, we just couldn’t say no,” he said.

If you’re looking for a place to go eat on Sundays, Hometown Heroes: Pizzas and Subs will be a great place to go as it will be open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Christianson said they knew they wanted to be open on Sundays.

“We are really trying to bring options and variety to Hemingford so this was important to us,” he said.

The pizza place/sandwich shop will be open every day except Mondays. Christianson said they are willing to tweak their schedule as necessary, such as staying open later on Fridays or Saturdays or opening earlier on Sundays.

“We really just need to see what the community wants and needs,” he said.

The business will offer a $5 lunch special Monday through Friday. Customers will also have the option to text in their order!

Dahl, who is a paraeducator at Hemingford Schools, will plan on continuing there as she really enjoys working with the students. She will be at the pizza place/sandwich shop in her free time. Christianson will be at the business full time. Their son, Rhett, will also be a main helper down at the shop.

“He’ll be sure to greet everyone that comes in,” Christianson said.

Christianson’s mom, Sue, will also be down helping out. Christianson said she has tons of experience in the pizza industry and will be a great asset.

“Besides, Rhett’s kind of fond of his grandma,” Christianson said.

The biggest challenge Christianson sees for this business venture will be exceeding everyone’s expectations.

“The amount of support we have already is amazing and figuring out what works and what doesn’t might take us a little bit of time, but we know we can get there,” he said.

If you’d like to keep up to date with Hometown Heroes: Pizzas and Subs, be sure to give them a “Like” on Facebook by searching Hometown Heroes: Pizza and Subs.

All in all, Christianson and Dahl are picturing this shop as a place where everyone can come in and enjoy good food and hang out.

“We are thrilled to have this opportunity. I can’t imagine doing this anywhere but here,” Christianson said. “Although we haven’t been here long the amount of support and excitement that we are getting really make us positive that this is where we want our hometown to be.”