Cloud-Based User-Friendly Software for your School

Educational institutes are facing big problems for accessing the data and sharing the data with parents in this pandemic of COVID 19. Schools can get rid of this issue and more using cloud-based school software. School Admins, Teachers, parents, and the students can use Cloud-based school management software in a very flexible way. School management software solves the needs of your school in a fast, effective, and efficient way. A cloud-based school management system is one that runs on cloud technology, not on the local system. Cloud-based software stores data on the cloud  which can be accessed from anywhere and at any time by the users. A cloud-based school management system is the perfect solution for school since it is a technology-driven solution to the schools and process-driven needs of a school. The cloud solution is so user-friendly that each section can be operated in easy way and can fetch your data from any location using secure options.

Edutrak provides solutions that effectively computerizes your daily school operations like Student Admissions, Student details, Tution, Attendance, Exam, Fees collections & billing, Certificate, Timetable, Tax, day care ,Accounts, Loan, scholarship, grants, Employee & Leave management, Payroll, Appraisal, Activity registration, Atheletic registration, event management, cafeteria lunch management, etc and frees you from time-consuming tedious manual work.

We bring your school a full single suite of best school software solutions including fee management, food service, tuition, activity registration, insurance, childcare and more. We have top-class school tuition software, most secure school payment software, one of the best school activity and registration software, America’s best ticketing software and app, most recommended cafeteria management software – lunch cashier system. Our software solutions for schools are Flexible, Fast, Easy, and most Secure comprehensive solutions for schools of all sizes.

Online Multi-Campus and Summarised Data online:

The schools having many campuses can be managed online and summarised data of all the campuses from a single point. It can be checked by the management if they have cloud-based School Software. Management can have various summarised data and information such as New admission student strength, Total fee collection, Overall exam results, and the MIS and EIS report by a single click.

New Updates on Cloud Solution Software:

The cloud-based school software will get updated automatically by the vendor company as per your requirement and need. School will be able to get real-time data and can share with the parents.When the software is updated, the school staff and the parents can use it with no load as the updates in the software are made much user-friendly.

Online 24/7 Data Availability and Protection:

School can access the data 24/7 from anywhere anytime, data can be exported when needed by the school. The data stored on the cloud by the cloud school software will be protected from the Ransomware/Malware.

The enhanced flexibility of the cloud software helps in improving the collaboration between teachers and parents, students and parents for better result delivery.

Online Data Reliability :

The security of the data is most important for any School and Institutions. They can rely on the EduTrak cloud-based school system with their data security. The teachers and other staff will be free from taking the backup and restoring the data our system automatically manages and records backups.. Schools can get the data at any time anywhere and can save the cost of data storage which makes system economical for your school.

Operating Cost :

In cloud-based software solutions the organization does not have to invest in the hardware, so there will not be any cost for the maintenance also. The organization can provide many more other facilities to the staff and students with minimal fee payment to software providers. At the same cost you will get maintenance as well no extra payment and staff for maintenance.

Various Integrations with Cloud-Based Solutions :

Various features of School such as Online Payment, Online Exam, Virtual Classroom can be integrated with the cloud-based school management software. The various integrations can be helpful to the students, parents, teachers, and management in realtime to provide ease and comfort.

Online Payment :

Fee collection is one of the important and most responsible task for school management.. EduTrak ePayTrak best fee collection /payment School software application for your school college or institutions. Our fee collection module is a next generation payment tool that helps numbers of schools and all of them are satisfied with edutrak’s fee collection module. It is the fastest and easiest way to collect fees, disburse expenses, and other payments. Parents can pay the fees online through various payment modes such as various payment options like credit or debit card, online ebanking, etc, So no need to worry and coming to school or going to the bank would be no more difficult for parents.

The Superior School District uses EduTrak for online payments which can be made for the Before and After School program, academic fees and co-curricular fees.You can access EduTrak using your PowerSchool Parent Portal. Easy to use instructions using EduTrak through PowerSchool can be accessed HERE.

In the news that Bearcat Diner Lunch Program had also switched the online payment processing for our lunch program from Efunds payment processing to Edutrak.So you can see school are switching on EduTrak as we are trusted among schools.

Online Exam :

School can conduct online exams using Online Exam Integration. The students can also give the exams on the off days of the school by sitting at home, which will make it easy for students and teachers too.

A cloud-based school software application will completely digitalize your school with all the features and functionalities. The school will have lots of benefits and will save lot of expenses and software application is within budget.

Edutrak Software provides the America’s best cloud-based school management system with updated features and functionalities. For more information about cloud based school management software visit us on Wordware Power school plugin also integrates with all the available SIS for best integration and utilization of available data.