Fee Collection Tips Which Will Save School Time And Money

Guiding students and fogeys through the registration process can take tons of energy, organizational skills, and staff resources. For schools and districts using paper forms or an outdated, manual process, it are often a chaotic, time-consuming undertaking capturing a number of relevant details to urge students completely entered into your school’s system. When adding fee collection for everything from PTO dues and athletics to yearbooks and faculty t-shirts, the method can become overwhelming.

Here are 5 fee collection tips that will help ensure payments are captured on time, accurately, and securely.

1. Partner With A Contemporary, Online Registration And Enrollment Solution With Integrated Fee Collection.

It all starts with choosing the proper registration system for a specific school or district needs. A registration solution should offer a group of services and tools to support the gathering and reporting of all fees owed by each student at the time of form submission. Schools and districts should be ready to collect both mandatory fees and optional goods/services fees that are paid by families to the district or a specific school, department, or organization.

2. Make Sure The Checking Account Can Receive The Web Fees From Your Registration System

Fees collected should be subdivided where appropriate and remitted via ACH to your associated checking account on a weekly basis. In support of the ACH transfer, a remittance report detailing fees collected and costs should even be provided. confirm the registration solution is PCI compliant and features a Certificate of Compliance from Trustwave. Additionally, an answer should collect and account for any required taxes.

3. Choose A Fee Collection System Which Will Capture A Good Sort Of Fees

Providers should be able to accept all of the different payment types a school needs to receive and properly distribute to accounts. Typical fee types include: course and program fees, textbook, workbook, and materials activities, yearbooks, PTO/PTA fees, instrument rental, school meals, t-shirts and school-branded apparel, gym clothes, locks for lockers, field trips, after school care, district foundations, donations and fundraisers, shop class fees, and technology dues.

4. Confirm All Payment Types Are Supported

Online registration solutions should offer complete electronic processing, including mastercard (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) and eCheck. As secondary measures, solutions should even be ready to process direct payments from families including text , check, cash, or postal order . Deferred payments are an alternative choice for folks , allowing families to pick any or all fees that they prefer to make electronic payment at the time of submission and make a partial payment toward their balance.

5. Team With A Proven Leader In Online Registration Management Systems

Student registration products that collect fees online got to have demonstrated longtime safety, security, and consistency. Last year, over $110 million was collected through PowerSchool Registration online fee collection instantly and securely for schools and districts of all sizes. PowerSchool Registration automatically sends money to the right checking account , which schools traditionally do manually. This represents over $110 million that schools received quickly and securely, rather than handling cash, change, or checks – costly in terms of staff time. Factoring a mean of a 0.5% rate of error for manual fee processing, which is less than usual, means over $550,000 visited schools whereas it’s going to typically are lost or delayed from human error. No hassles, no follow-up calls, and no tracking down missing payments.

Collecting fees doesn’t need to be a laborious task for registrars and administrative staff; it really are often a simple process that ensures payments are accurate, timely, and secure.

Learn how Kildeer Countryside Community administrative district 96 embraced online registration with integrated fees collection to capture payments instantly – and securely – for PTO, yearbooks, the varsity district foundation, and other items. Download the case study.

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