Manage all payments from collection to reconciliation by School Tuition Software of Edutrak

Families can make secured payments online for school fees such as athletics, field trips, yearbook, gym t-shirts, school lunch payment, School Events, School Tuition fee, early morning care and homework club, library fees and programs. Many of the schools yet not participating in online payment acceptance while multiple schools and districts schools are doing great using online payment method.

If you want stress free fee collection and reconciliation check out our demo, we make sure you have no more stress of receiving fee with our affordable ePyTrak (It’s More Than a Payment Gateway) which is known for bet school payment system, online school fees payment system, school fees payment online, online school payment system, school online fee payment, smart school fees payment.

Our Solution for School payment is Quick and Powerful, Effective and Time-Saving, Highly Secure and trustworthy.  Online fee payment management system is built on latest technology, support SIS integration, PowerSchool Plugin, for schools, colleges, universities and other education setups, System provides convenience to parents to pay fee online without any hassle.

In today’s world Parents and the community everyone has different approach, Some parents want to pay online, others want to pay in-person, and some need to make payments over the phone  for school fee, activities, funds, and donations. There are many options available but you need best to choose which suits your staff and school in best manners, we have school payments  system which accpept any form of payment options like pay with cash, credit cards, or by check.  ePayTrak enables your district’s business office to manage multiple types and methods of payments seamlessly across all school site locations in easy and convenient way. Our System secures all sub modules that integrate into your present software and systems, your district can minimize errors, maximize efficiency, and accurately report on school payment transactions as per your convenience.

EPayTrak makes school payments quick and simple, registration and payments are easy and accurate. Parents never have to worry about their children running out of lunch money they can pay in one account for whole family, can check transactions from single login no multiple login required for each student or activity.”ePayTrak All in ONE!”. EPayTrak  modern and unique dashboard-style website clearly shows all important information so parents can see students’ balances immediately.

EPayTrak, any fees paid in-person, by cheque are also automatically reflected online within a stipulated time frame. This gives your districts the ability to accept any payment, anytime, anywhere and thus you becomes all in one acceptor.

ePayTix reserved seat online ticket system with box office mPOS, door scanning and more, offers an online ticketing, sales, and event registration solution for schools. Your organization can replace paper forms, cash, and checks with an easy-to-use online payment and data collection. There are customizable forms that can be ready to publish in a matter of minutes that I so easy a click away for your staff. ePayTix allows schools to offer reserved and general-admission ticketed events to students and members of the public. ePayTix generate Tickets that are produced with standard Barcodes and those Barcodes can either be typed into our ePayTix Door Entry app or scanned with any device that works with Keyboard Emulation and track attendance, download all collected data to Excel for flexible filtering and sorting, and have access to instantly available, detailed sales reports. Start selling tickets and managing payment collection online for your school events today.

EPayTrak’ a web-based software your staff can use to accept and manage in-person parent payments with cash, checks, and credit cards.

School District employees can look up student information, read notes, view required fees, and process payments while speaking with parents face-to-face. Besides lunch and academic fees payments, EPayTrak can be used for club dues, donations, athletic fees, after-school care, and more.

Best of all, ePayTrak integrates seamlessly with any School SIS and PoweSchool, so paid balances can be viewed online, and all the data syncs it gives you an end-to-end parent payment system you can use at any school for any reason to fund any account. And with EPayTrak Admin, your business-office staff can easily pull all the data and reporting together from a centralized tool.

Schools, Colleges also face huge burden of manual collection, the risks and efforts related during the course of transference and deposit of cash to the banks so we are here with new setup to get all your payment processed at single point.

Improve School fee collections and minimize unsettled payments!

Thus, Edutrak School/ tuition fee collection software is planned to resolve the forth mentioned gaps; It is an advanced payment solution is designed to offers an easy to collect tuition fees for school and colleges/universities and, provide parents and students a wide range of payment options, safeguarding the payment of the fees timely, proficiently and appropriately.

Partner Edutrak for a modern, online registration and admission solution with integrated fee collection software. Student School Fee collection and payment software that collect fees and other payments need to have proven long time safety, security, and consistency. Our solutions are Economical and risk-free

SIS integration

EPayTrak integrates with your existing student information system which enables you to post fees and fee-related information in your SIS. Parents will log in to your SIS as usual, view fees and lunch balances, need to click pay online to link through ePayTrak.

Lunch money in the lunch line

When your families top up lunch accounts through EPayTrak, that data is visible in the lunch line. You can use your school lunch cashier system or ours (EPayTrak).

Free-and-reduced lunch eligibility

Add EPayTrak to have confidentially coded free-and-reduced lunch eligibility for each family that applies at your fingertips as well.

Events payments simplified

And because schools sponsor so many events, and events mean ticketing and registration payments, we’ve created ePayTix— easy to use, low cost system will allow you to quickly and easily sell reserved and general admission seats, merchandise, food items and much much more. ePayTix is a complete ticketing solution at an amazingly affordable price the software solution for everything event- and activity-related.

Benefits of Edutrak School Tuition Fee Collection Services

1. Benefit to the Payee (School / District Schools )

  • It helps to use more operative, identical, low-cost group and better report solutions.
  • Very much eases a huge burden of manual collection and the risks linked with it.
  • Eases back-office liability like cash collection, receipt printing, cash counting settlement & preparing reports.
  • Save a large amount of operative and administrative cost
  • System satisfy service delicate customers
  • Speed up payment collection time with ease and quick

2. Benefit To Payers (Students/parents/

  • Removes the embarrassments and discomfort parents, guardians and students face when paying tuition fees
  • Saves time because you can access anywhere anytime,
  • Because of security it minimizes the risk of loss of money
  • Latest innovation, Modern and safer process of making payments
  • Variety of payment alternatives – Internet, Mobile, POS, cards
  • Pay anytime, anywhere
  • Option for last-minutes payment
  • No need to remember due date and amount in case of SO and Direct Debits.

Benefits of Online Fee Payment System to Schools

  • Pay at any time and from anywhere
  • Maintain a complete record of payment transactions
  • Lighting fast transactions
  • Instant invoice/ receipt generation
  • Safe and Secure payment gateways
  • Avoids standing in line for payments
  • Readily available and time-saving
  • Accessible anywhere 24/7
  • Mobile convenient

Did you know that EPayTrak and ePayTix are cloud-based platforms your district can license with no long-term commitment? Our Solutions are affordable and each year 97% school districts renew their license every year.  We appreciate to you for  EPayTrak’ secure, friendly solutions can transform everything parent-payment-related in your district.

School site is secure and uses industry-standard data encryption. You are in full control of your account and can make a payment at any time that is convenient for you. No payments will be allowed without your knowledge and authorization through this secure payment system.  If you are struggling to find best School Fee Payment Software you can contact edutrak staff to show you live demo to ease your School Fee Software understanding.