Bennington Public Schools is pleased to announce a new program called e~Funds For Schools

Dear Parents,  Bennington Public Schools is pleased  to announce a new program  called  e~Funds For Schools  which began February 1, 2008.  This program  allows you to choose  a couple of different payment options for your student’s lunch  account.  You now have the ability to have payments  automatically withdrawn electronically f r om  your  checking account  or  charged to you r cred it card . You also have the flexibility  to pay at any time  using  the link on the school’s website.  There is  a convenience fee f o r using this program .  Parents will be charged a $1.00 fee  each time  a payment is made to their family lunch  account.   Because  we have a Family Lunch system , payments for the entire family can be made through one student.  If you choose the  credit card  payment method, there is a different  convenience fee .   You will b e charged the $1.00 fee plus 1.99% of the total payment.  For example, a  payment of $100 would cost  $102.99 ($100.00 + $1.00 + $1.99).  Please note that a debit  card is treated as a credit card transaction  and will be subject to the  credit ca rd usage fee.