The Cornell School District Launches Wordware’s New Nutrition Software LCS1000 Mayflower

The Cornell School District incorporated The Lunch Cashier System software by Wordware, Inc. for keeping track of the lunch program. The Cornell School District is excited to launch phase one of the new nutrition software.  The nutrition department has updated their systems to LCS1000 Mayflower by Wordware Inc.

LCS1000 Mayflower is a comprehensive, integrated food service management solution for K-12 School Districts. It provides all of the tools required to run a smooth and efficient food service operation. LCS1000 Mayflower is a suite of easy-to-use, highly-integrated software modules.

It may take a few weeks for everything to get up and running smoothly so we ask that students and parents are patient during this transition process. We are confident the new software will benefit the department and satisfy our customer needs and expectations.

What’s New?

The point of sale system has been implemented and features touch screen point of sale monitors that can display the students’ picture as the lunch card is scanned. This will allow for accurate identification of the customer.

The biggest change will be in how parents pay for lunches. Currently when parents deposit lunch money they then have to select where they want those credits to go between breakfast, lunch, or cash. At times this system has caused confusion for parents and they have accidently deposited money to the wrong option. With the new system, all money will be deposited into one account .

Wordware is continually developing their nutrition software to meet and exceed the needs and demands of our customers across multiple settings. Based on our customer needs and technology environments, we have created a fully web based program that will run on any HTML5 device and can be deployed as a fully cloud based solution or on an appliance. What does that mean to you? You can deploy our software any way you choose without a major investment in your infrastructure.

Wordware dedicated for providing best nutrition software to the schools for the health of students and to make worry free their parents.

When parents log into Lunch Cashier System they will deposit their student’s money into one account. This cash account will fund all lunch, breakfast or a la carte purchases. Parent username and passwords for Lunch Cashier System will not change.

Our Solutions

Family Based- Money deposited goes into a family account. This eliminates multiple entries and allows schools focus on the household.
Automated letter generation and reporting … built in timeline to streamline workflow … plus processing direct certification saves hours if not days of work. Particularly if there are multiple students in the same household (another benefit of a family based solution).

Wordware’s unique onscreen marking system keeps the student status anonymous to any onlooker while allowing the cafeteria staff to process the proper meal selection.

Because Wordware is web based and server based our networked LCS1000 keeps lines running fast regardless of internet speeds. Plus if the internet is down any data captured on the LCS1000 syncs to the cloud back up as soon as the connection is re-established. No data is lost.

Wordware provides robust reporting capabilities with on demand access to all the critical information staff and administration needs. Cash reporting … balances … student and family activity … meal detail etc. Just to name a few.