Brook Valley School – Lunch Program Question Answers

How do I enroll my student at Brook Valley School?

You will need to contact your local school district. Students are referred and placed at Brook Valley School by their local school district.


What school district is Brook Valley in?

We are not in any local school district.
We are part of the special education services offered by ESU #3 to the school districts in Washington, Cass, Douglas and Sarpy counties.


What services does Brook Valley School provide?

We offer the following direct educational services- individualized education plan with a strong behavior management component, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, counseling services, behavioral consultation, nursing services, assistive technology services, vision services and autism consultation services.


Where is Brook Valley located?

We are located at 6960 South 110th Street in La Vista.


How do we know if the school is closing for bad weather?

If Millard Public Schools have cancelled classes, Brook Valley will be closed. Brook Valley will NOT be listed separately.


What are the student hours?

Our students’ school day is from 9am to 2pm.


Who takes care of the transportation?

All transportation arrangements are handled by your local school district.


Whose school calendar do you follow?

Brook Valley’s calendar is unique due to the training of staff. However, it closely follows the Millard Public School district calendar.


What kind of lunches do you have?

Hot lunches are contracted through Millard Public Schools.


Do you have free/reduced lunches?

To participate in the Free or Reduced Price Meal Program, you must complete a Free or Reduced Meal Application at your home/resident school district office each year. All free/reduced forms must be filled out every year and returned to Brook Valley by the first of September to prevent your previous year’s benefits from expiring. You will be notified of your status. Any checks sent for lunch money must be made out to ESU #3.