Brookings Schools Child Nutrition – Wordware School Lunch Software

Our goal at the Brookings School District is to provide high quality, nutritious meals to students in our district.  Breakfast and lunch are offered at all of our schools.

 Child Nutrition Director
Laura Duba – 696-4713
     Dakota Prairie
Becky Hanson –
Marge Benoit – 696-4178
Child Nutrition Assistant
Penny Eliason- 696-4722
Dawn McCarthy – 696-4508
Nicole Covrig – 696-4370
Becky Hanson – 696-4445
Dawn Waldner – 696-4610

WordWare Letter to Parents

Special Diet Prescription for Meals form must be submitted to the School Nutrition Office at the School Administration Offices to ensure implementation of special meal substitutions for your child when eating school lunch. Food substitutions will be made for students with food allergies only.

Special Diet Prescription for Meals form is used for students with a disability and a major life activity that must be affected by this disability.  This form must be completely filled out and signed by a physician.

The form for Special Diet Prescription for Meals will be kept on file while the student is enrolled in the Brookings School District. If your child’s food allergies should change, a new Special Diet Prescription for Meals must be submitted to the School Nutrition Office.

Special Diet Prescription for Meals form is available at the School Administration Office, 2130 8th Street South, or at all school websites under Food Service.  Contact the School Nutrition Office at 696-4713 if you have questions.

We self-serve fruits and vegetables in all schools.  If you feel that your child’s food allergy might be triggered by possible cross-contamination, we will make sure that their tray is dished seperately.  Please contact the School Nutrition Office 605-696-4713 to let us know.