Wordware PowerSchool Tuition plugin, parents can truly experience a one-stop shop environment

Tuition Management, Food Service, School Fee’s all have a common denominator… providing tools to parents to be able to access information. Those tools need to provide parents a convenient way to pay for their service. With our PowerSchool plugin, parents can truly experience a one stop shop environment. One login to get to multiple applications.  Our easy to use product suite of products, makes going from application to application as easy as click of a button. If parents want to pay for lunch, tuition or any school fee they can do all of that in our new checkout application.

Convenient for parents and for schools. The ability to run administrative reports, and for parents to have an easy to use application are essential to a school district. Schools are going away from having to have multiple vendors, to finding one solution that will manage all their needs.

Our product suite includes Wordware Lunch Point of sale and Cafeteria accounting management, Edutrak Tuition Management, along with a multitude of other add on platforms. Each of these can be a stand-alone product or you can have all products with one easy access point for parents.

School district are stretched thin and work on a tight budget. Having a product that allows the necessary people to have direct access to reporting all in one location can be a time saver. Time is valuable. Every dollar saved can help with your overall budget and cashflow.

What does the future hold…Schools around the country struggling to meet their budgets, government funding is being cut, schools are consolidating.  Some states are requiring students be allowed to eat no matter their negative balance. There is flexibility in our solutions. fundraise for lunch accounts, our software options allow you to run a capitol campaign. Raise money for programs or help a hungry student. Flexible, affordable easy to learn software to make your job easier.

Do you have a Foreign exchange program? We can assist with our Tuition Management System. It doesn’t only cover tuition, but any other program you need to bill for on a schedule. Summer School, Foreign exchange, Band Camp and even Senior Trips. You can set up a contract and have families pay those contracts over a scheduled period of time.

Our lunch cafeteria solution will also make your life easier, free and reduced processing has never been so accurate or so simple to use. Our included Free and Reduced Online Application allows you to process applications in a timely manner by not having to enter parent information. Parents can go online and apply for benefits, making it easier for the free and reduced processor. Everything in our free and reduced module has your compliance in mind. Whenever a process happens, our program will log it. Need reporting? We have reports to cover all aspects of free and reduced; Accu-claim (edit checks), free and reduced student list’s, we can also create reports in our student export tool. This tool will allow you not only to generate a csv report with one of our many available labels, which allows that report to be totally custom based off your need.

Maybe you need to import your statues back into your student information system, our system can set up a file to run on a schedule to do just that.

If you are a PowerSchool customer, our plugin offers you the ability to assign fees to students and then give parents the ability to pay those fees in our checkout module. Again, allowing parents their one stop shop environment.

The Parent Portal is designed with the end user in mind. Parents once registered have access to all applications such as our food service portal which gives parents the ability to customize settings, set spending limits (if enabled), restrict a la Carte and set-up auto-refill, and pay for lunch.  Parents can also view their transaction history. All of this can be done in a single application.

Our new Checkout application provides you the ability to pay for items across applications. Parents can login in, go the checkout module and pay for tuition, lunch and any other preset fee. Convenience is our number one priority.

We have created a best in class suite of products that attracts our customers and future customers, with each module having a high-level offering. 

For example, our Athletics module allows schools to load custom forms, apply specific grade level sports to students, so parents can only register for those sports that are assigned. It will also assist coaches track real time eligibility, concussion protocol and much more.

The eCommerce Solution, ePayTrak allows schools the retail space to give parents a place to purchase items such as parking passes, Chromebook insurance, field trips, sell spirit wear. All of these items can be tracked to a separate account code for reporting purposes.

Community Education and Child Care round out the suite with their own tailored services.

Finally, our goal in creating these products was to highlight our suite all in one easy to access module, which can be customized to fit your needs. If your school only has lunch and ecommerce, only lunch and ecommerce will show in their app bar. If you school decides at a later date to enable Athletics, that module can be added at any time. The same with Tuition, Child Care, Community Education and Ecommerce.

Our team of support personnel will help train and guide you throughout the set-up process and beyond. We stand out in our hands-on support and work hard at making our customers comfortable with our fast response times and our knowledgeable staff. It is as easy as creating a ticket or calling our toll-free number.  Need assistance with your Wordware Cafeteria Solution? Call us and we can use Team viewer to screen share with you. Need assistance with the ePayTak, we have a designated specialist.

In conclusion, single sign on is the future. SIS integrations such as our PowerSchool plugin takes the burden off parents to remember multiple passwords, for many different sites. Schools as well will experience less phone calls of parents who forgot passwords for any given site. Parents logging in directly to their SIS such as PowerSchool only need to remember the PowerSchool login credentials.

Happy Parents=Happy Customers