Need of the Day School Tuition Management Software!

School Tuition Management Software is very essential for every schools, colleges, universities, tuition centres or training centres in this modern era to compete others and prove your organization better and demanding as per time.

What is school tuition management software?

School Tuition Management Software automates Tuition, classes, attendance, accounting, financial operations and other back office functions for educational institutions.

Handling School, Institute or academy is not a piece of cake. Handling students, staff, schedule, exams, class test, attendance, fees collection, accounts ect. It does not ends here. Parents are always concerned about their child concert and they need happiness. They really care about their child educational statics. Furthermore we have seen schools using vast registers to mark attendance of their students and staff. And we have also seen that schools manage their admission, exams data, class tests data ect, actually. We know it takes a lot of time and very tough to manage.

The EduTrak Software solution for streamlining accounts outstanding and receivable tasks for your educational institution. Enjoy time-saving suitability, considerate follow-up service, and secure payment processing with EduTrak school fee payment software a complete and feature rich school management software for all educational institutes. This school management software is for learning, administration and management activities in schools, colleges, universities, tuition centres or training centres. Our school tuition management software accomplishes everything starting from admission to attendance and exams to result cards.

Many private/government schools, colleges, universities, tuition centres or training centres benefit from EduTrak tuition management software and other school technology software tuition management software, school payment software , child care billing, child care billing software, school fee payment software, school food service software, tuition management system software, tuition management solution, modern school online payment, school lunch software, tuition management solutions. School Billing and Tuition Management Flexible, comprehensive solutions for schools of all sizes.

Let EduTrak show you how your school can use best in class apps, including tuition, nutrition, fees, athletics and childcare – all inside of PowerSchool! Learn how to power PowerSchool to create a truly unique and intuitive involvement for your parents and students, as well as save staff time and resources.

Tuition, Food Service, Fees and More, all Embedded in the PowerSchool SIS!

EduTrak® has more than a decade of expertise in developing and providing ecommerce solutions. Known for providing a top-tier consumer experience, our company has earned recognition from schools and service organizations across North America helping them improve their operational productivity and managerial efficiency. EduTrak Software is a leading cloud-based Online Registration software, it is intended to support small, medium and large size business.

Keeping Your School District Payments Safe and Compliant!

EduTrak PowerSchool offers an SIS solution that handles scheduling, attendance, state-compliance reporting, emergency/medical and health management, registration, and more. This solution also includes a gradebook for teachers called PowerTeacher Pro. There are also solutions for HR, Finance, and more in the PowerSchool ecosystem.

ePayTrak, a state of the art payment portal for schools, hospitals, and city governments. ePayTrak is fully PCI/DSS compliant, giving you and your clients peace of mind that your online payment is safe and secure.

edutrak’s ePayCafe lunch cashier system for your School cafeteria is answer for your problem. We have cloud based Lunch cashier system which servers fast quick and easily for your IT Staff. It can run at all your schools yet be managed centrally, at your district offices—or anywhere—by any staff you grant credentials. It’s been refined over and over since its launch. It’s simple, stable, and effective.

We believe in Quick, Robust, Flexible, Reliable, backed by excellent service

The SmartSchoolK12 collective grew as we found our companies working together to solve everyday problems plaguing our clients. We revealed that many districts fought to make ala carte mechanisms work together. Staff members spent immeasurable hours helping upset parents figure out how to update student information on dissimilar programs with different rules. SmartSchoolK12 is dedicated to maintaining our individual and joint characters for top-rated performance. We offer bundling to give you more control over security, performance and costs. Edutrak software in offering parents the option of making purchases at the school with credit cards.

Tuition – Complete Tuition Management

Food Service – State of the art nutrition management

Athletic Registration – Athletic and Activity Registration and Eligibility Management

ePayTrak – Online payment systems designed specifically for today’s school

ePayTix – Simple to use online reserved seating for your school’s events, with streamlined box office reporting

Child Care – Pre and After school Program Management

The platform offers several solutions to try to bring all education-related technology to one-system. This includes their Unified Classroom, which consolidates what would typically require many different platforms into one platform, including grading, attendance, instruction and lesson planning, and communication with both parents and students

Nobody love paying bills that’s why you need tuition solution, that must be accessible and intuitive. But providing the user-friendliness of online account access, electronic invoicing, and a variety of payment alternatives shouldn’t mean more work for your school administration.

EduTrak software solution for tuition management delivers the ultimate software dedicated support and automated late payment follow-up at no extra cost to your organization. It helps create an exceptional user experience, while ensuring that you have the resources you need for effective, sustainable operations.

With EduTrak software for tuition management software –

  • Flexible billing, create custom payment plans, ACH or Debit or Credit Card options, Batch payment and fee processing, easily apply for scholarship and grants.
  • Advanced Reporting – Customizable tuition contracts, Aging and receivables reports, Delinquency Management, Cash Flow forecasting.
  • Real-Time contract submission and payment processing, Parents can see balance and make payments right inside of PowerSchool, Split family billing, modify payment schedules.
  • Work more professionally thanks to mechanized processes and a dedicated customer service team
  • Gain the assurance of payers with a secure solution
  • Provide an incomparable experience with simple, mobile friendly payments

Student Registration: This feature helps in easy registration of the students who raises an enquiry and also endures the complete record of the confirmed students. It is a kind of database where all the required details of each student in stored.

Fees Management: Tuition Management software, where, all the finances are effectively managed and recorded under the system.

Finance: All the incomes and expenses of the schools are taken care of under this module.

Inventory and Asset Management: This module keeps a record of the inventories and assets of the institution, escaping the loss of assets that may occur.

Attendance and Leave Management: Attendance and Leave management are the two modules that comes along the Tution software which will professionally maintain the same on the system

Partners in education.

Our brands share technology and information to develop software and services that support the diverse needs of your schools/institutes. This distinctive collaboration delivers better development, integration and pricing, and allows us to encouraged knowledge from our combined experience in service.


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EduTrak is the best online tuition management system/software or coaching class management system/software with mobile app in the world. It is the most user-friendly School system along with online virtual classroom & learning system.

EduTrak School Tuition management software will help Tuition Classes (Coaching Classes), Small/Medium/Large Institutes and Private Teachers to carry out various activities like student’s Inquiry management, students admission management, students management, staff management, student’s attendance, fee collection, fee reminder, online examination, online live classes, digital course sharing with students, expense management, SMS & Push Notification process and many more.

We have made sure the software should not become a financial burden so have kept the price to the lowest possible. It is the most affordable school tuition management and tuition software in the world with quality support & service. Multiple solutions tailored to fit your needs.

Get the service you deserve through our world-class teams. We can take the compatibility guesswork out of hardware selection by providing a high-quality system customized to your schools’ needs, soup to nuts, at an affordable price.

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