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New & Innovative School Tuition Management, simple, secure, advanced, flexible, EduTrak School Tuition Software

Running Successful and profitable school not so easy, you have to manage students, staff, schedule, exams, class test, attendance, fees collection, accounts ect. It does not end here. Tuition Software is very essential for every school, colleges, universities, tuition centers in these modern days to compete with others and prove your organization better and demanding as per time.  Best Tuition Management software with the economical package. SIS  tuition software manages student records, faculty record, attendance record, exam and results, fees record, salary record, report and performance investigation along with healthy data security options.

Get the tuition management solution that enables you to shine – all under one roof, Flexible, comprehensive solutions for schools of all sizes. Tuition management solutions that transform your productivity, Tuition Processing to Fast, Easy and most Secure.

SmartSchoolK12 is a technology collaborative that integrates key support services with one of the industry’s most secure payment processing for tuition system management. The tuition management system is top of its class, but what sets us apart is that we’ve banded together making it easy for families to enroll and pay for food service, child care, community education, activities, and student fees. They’ll save precious time and your district will benefit by saving time and money while providing first class service using tuition management software.

EduTrak tuition management & billing software one of the best tuition management system is fully integrated with PowerSchool. Parents can now see both their tuition balance and past and future payments login from where they check grades and other key student information. No need to have multiple logins, multiple passwords or URL to remember.  EduTrak advanced billing and contract management features are perfect to manage your school’s tuition payments. All stockholders Administrators, staff, and parents have access to the information they need and can be ready for situations they may face. The EduTrak one and only perfect advanced SmartSchoolK12 ecosystem bring your school a full suite of best in class solutions including fee management, food service, tuition, activity registration, insurance, childcare and more. The capacity of PowerSchool to create a truly unique and spur-of-the-moment experience for your parents and students, while giving your school administrators staff best tools to easily access all key data.

EduTrak provides most secure and safest payment portal for schools, hospitals, and city governments. ePayTrak is fully PCI/DSS compliant, giving you and your clients peace of mind, security that your online payment is safe and secure.

Tuition – Complete Tuition Management solution for your organizations or schools.

Food Service – Lunch Cashier System one of the best School Cafeteria management which is State of the art nutrition management solution.

Athletic Registration – Unique software solution for Athletic and Activity Registration and Eligibility Management, tools for coaches and events staff.

ePayTrak – Best School fee payment software – Online payment systems designed specifically for modern  school / district schools.

ePayTix – Ease for your events one of the best ticketing software solution, Simple to use online reserved seating for your school’s events, with streamlined box office reporting

Child Care – Pre and After school Program Management

School tuition management and billing software enables you to create custom payment plans for students on the desired dates. This makes easy for parents to pay fee and other payments during a time interval. School tuition payment systems collects payments using ACH or Debit or Credit Card options.  Software allows for batch payment and School fee processing. Schools and Students can easily apply for Easily apply scholarships and grants.

For School management and staff school tuition management system provides Customizable tuition contracts, Aging and receivables reports, Delinquency Management also Cash Flow forecasting.

For Parents and Students tuition management software allows to create simplified portal to access information and options for payments processing. Real-Time contract submission and payment Processing, Parents can see balance and make payments right inside of PowerSchool, Split family billing, Print tax reimbursement documents. School tuition management software allows to easily modify payment schedules to meet life’s surprises.
Tuition software

Before making any buying decision of tuition class software please considered below points in mind:

1. It should not be school software installed for tuition class management

2. School Tuition Software should be online web based, accessible on Mobile and Tab devices – Access Anywhere in school or at home.

3.  Best School tuition software is made through long term analysis so that it can meet your all use-cases (requirements), so you should check company total experience and technology used.

4. Tuition Software must be integrated with different feature like SMS, Email, Biomatrix and Student Records, Staff Management, Payment, Online Exam, Library and Store should be working under single software.

5. The tuition software must be Easy, Reliable and Secure trusted with brands name.

Take the burden of tuition processing from your employees’ hands and simplify your tuition management system online by using our NEW Tuition Processing solution. We have partner in technology and information with Wordware Inc., PowerSchool, SmartSchoolK12, Trustwave, TSYS and Armor to develop School software and services that support the multiple needs of our schools. Our unique partnership delivers the best development, integration, and pricing.

Our software solution eases the task of administrators, cafeteria staff, teachers, managers, staff, and others through a multi-function platform.