Setting Automatic Student Defaults For Menu items and price

A common question we get is “What are default menu items?” Default menu items allow you to set a default meal for students based on their school and grade. Then, when the students go through the serving line and enter their number or scan their barcode, they will automatically be charged for the correct meal. This can speed up your serving line because it eliminates the need to have the cashier select the correct meal item for each student. Did a particular student bring a cold lunch to school and just need to be charged for milk? No problem! Our program has a change-to-milk button that makes this easy to do. The change to-milk button can be found here: LCS1000>Lines>Line Settings.

If you do use default menu items in the line, did you know you did not have to enter these defaults for each new student manually? We have a Default Menu Item feature that will add menu item defaults automatically for all new students. You can find this feature here: LCS1000>Lines>General Settings>Student Default Item Profiles.

Just create a line for each grade, school and meal type that you would like to use the defaults for. You can also set default line permissions and default spending limits here. Please reach out to our support team if you have any questions or want help with this.

When the student goes through the serving line, they will automatically get the correct meal charged to them. Once the line is processed, the default menu item will appear in the District Site>Family Dashboard>Student Line Settings box.