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Edutrak is well known for its convenience and productivity since so long. Its solutions are simple, powerful, flexible and academic in nature. It is specially designed for schools with the industry’s most comprehensive and broad set of features, future-ready technology and data security. Our software is 100% customisable.

Basically, edutrak is a web based gradebook and school management system for individual teachers, schools, and districts. It is an online cloud based solution that automates the education sector as much as possible.

It covers almost every aspect of school management such as maintaing attendence and record of students, conducting effective examinations, enhancing teacher student communication, easy fee collection, transport facilities. Cafeteria management and nutrition management, admission processes and many more. Hence, a one-stop solution for all school requirements to automate the data and make the quick  communication, flawless administration, and transparent operations.

Edutrak is one of the most user-friendly school management software that helps in connnecting the students, teachers, and parents on a single platform.

Edutrak software focuses on self learning technology that is different than traditional      programming. For the end user, the process of using the system can get more easier and more helpful with each use.

What we do  

Our solution include many advanced softwares to make your school management process as much comforting and easy as it can possible.

Edutrak makes it possible and feasible to collect every fee on every campus from one location.

Our fee collection software make fees paying and filling out forms intuitive and instinctive for parents, all in one accessible interface.

School business officials can now trak all of their payment in one location by account code, department code and a variety of custom identifiers.

              All we want is to secure your data and payment and we work passionately to achieve it.

Our advanced features:  

       Edutrak’s proven technology solutions are hard at work generating improved functioning effeciency, enhanced administrative productivity and upgraded convenience at dozens of schools and service organisations across North America.

Our advanced solutions are:

                                                                   Easy to access

You can Access our solutions from any internet browser, even without downloading any bulky software or plugins like flash and java.

                                                                   Learn on- the- go

It allows learners to attend live classes on-the-go on their smartphpnes and tablets using edutrak’s advanced software and solutions.

                                                               Smooth integration

You can integrate online classroom functionality with your existing website with this solution using developer API and plugins.

                                                              Easy administration

Our solution is very good at managing live sessions for your schools. It will schedule and monitor the life sessions very smoothly. It will extract automated reports of learner performance.

Edutrak’s online teaching software is basically made for teachers, and most of its applications are direct ways to organize classroom content and find new, engaging content for teachers to teach. Moreover, a free teacher account allows you to try out different basic features, create presentations using edutrak online teaching software and see how it could improve your classroom experience and you will start loving your work

Benefits of using edutrak educational software for your school management:

  it’s a complete school management software to manage your school. Its an instinctive and powerful interface that requires little training and ensures that work gets done swiftly.

edutrak comes with the lowest and affordable price without compromising on quality. It is an easy to use software that does not require any specialized training. Also, itis ascendable and customizable as per your school requirements. Our devoted and professional team works consistently to help you anytime and anywhere.

Edutrak’s fee collection software simplify the fee management with a secure payment gateway and view all transaction details. Parents can pay fee online from home, get receipts instantly on email and in-app. Money is automatically allocated to the correct receipt head. Hence, there is No waiting, no lines, no data mismatch.

Our education management software is used by teachers, students, and school administrators for organization and collaboration, and to facilitate learning. School software is designed to increase productivity, improve communications, and reduce time and cost. Our educational software provides some type of feedback to students and teachers that indicates a student’s progress

Our student inforamation system software store student’s data and analyse performance trends to bring more transparancy to the functioning of the school. A complete record of students like combined personal and academic reports to provide a 360-degree view of the complete student profile.

In  our student management software the attendence is taken instantly and updated instantly in the system and parent app.

It will help in maintaing attendence productively that will definitely reduce the paperwork and reduce the teacher’s headache  as now they have to spend almost zero time on in taking attendence.

With the help of our solutions pre-defined templates can be used and report cards can be generated with a single click. Ther is no need for any spreadsheet or offline work.

Another frequently cited benefits of our software systems are their speed and accuracy. Using our special solution the information can be recoverd more swiftly along with substantial confidence and accuracy. This will ultimately enhance the productivity of the employees

Moreover, our advanced student information system software let the teachers to design easy quizes that students can take in no time. They can take their quizzes on laptops or even via classroom tablets computers or on their own smartphones.

Edutrak software system is a kind of robust system that guide schools to go paperless and  sleek the monotonous administrative task  on a single platform.

So, what are you waiting for, just automate everything to make faster decision with edutrak now!

It will transform your schools into smart schools which are always the preferred choices for new age schools.

About Edutrak:

With offices in Bloomington, Minnesota and Boulder, Colorado, Edutrak software is a subsidiary of Advanced Payment Technologies.

Find us at:

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