How Parents Enjoy Our School Lunch Payment Program

Wordware Inc, is that the market leader in online Lunch payment system, most of the faculties saves time and money using our unique and techno advance Lunch payment application software. Lunch system makes your school to watch money administration easier and can reduce time spent on managing the varsity meal service. Wordware Inc, Lunch payment system may be a simple and secure way for schools to attach, transact, and manage all their school payments solutions.
All of your account information including students, account balances, manage menu price, daily transactions, monthly payments, advance collection, item requirements and everyone other reports are available in our Lunch payment system software. We are the number one choice of schools and district schools of America for best Tuituin Software, School fee payment software, lunch cafeteria software, ticketing software for events, and box offices. We are the choice for new America’s schools for the latest technologies and trends.

Features of the Wordware solution:

  • Data Bridge – Wordware Inc, Lunch payment system pull your student and family information from your SIS into Wordware so both systems contain the same information.

·         Wordware LCS1000 – synchronize your data to our preloaded localized network appliance

·         Free and Reduced Module – With our free and reduced timeline, automated application and letter generation, and comprehensive reporting, we can eliminate days of work for your administrative team.

·         District and Family Access – Separate access to both family and district.

·         Online Payment Processing – We partner with industry leaders to integrate payment solutions based on your needs. From lunch deposits, to broader school requirements, Wordware can recommend the right online payment solution to meet your needs.

·         Reporting – cash sales reporting, free and reduced, line reports, etc, we also support customized reports.

Wordware Inc, Lunch payment system is a school payment software for lunch accounts & fee payment where parents can make online payments to their child’s school breakfast and lunch meal accounts, can pay school fee and events related by using our partner EduTrak EpayTrak application, they can view school meal menus and can check what their children have purchased. We accept payments for school meals and other school fees and adjust with the administration process.

Parents can set up automatic email reminders to be notified when a payment is needed, or when student purchase something.

If you have not opted for online lunch payment system visit and explore all the features and subscribe to make easy administration in your school. Do you already have a Wordware Inc, Lunch payment system? Don’t have an account? Register Now!

To learn more about Wordware Inc, Lunch payment system, it’s features, pricing details, or to schedule a demo, fill out the form below and a Wordware Inc, Lunch payment system representative will be in contact with you shortly.

Or call us now at (800) 934-2621

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Fee Collection Tips Which Will Save School Time And Money

Guiding students and fogeys through the registration process can take tons of energy, organizational skills, and staff resources. For schools and districts using paper forms or an outdated, manual process, it are often a chaotic, time-consuming undertaking capturing a number of relevant details to urge students completely entered into your school’s system. When adding fee collection for everything from PTO dues and athletics to yearbooks and faculty t-shirts, the method can become overwhelming.

Here are 5 fee collection tips that will help ensure payments are captured on time, accurately, and securely.

1. Partner With A Contemporary, Online Registration And Enrollment Solution With Integrated Fee Collection.

It all starts with choosing the proper registration system for a specific school or district needs. A registration solution should offer a group of services and tools to support the gathering and reporting of all fees owed by each student at the time of form submission. Schools and districts should be ready to collect both mandatory fees and optional goods/services fees that are paid by families to the district or a specific school, department, or organization.

2. Make Sure The Checking Account Can Receive The Web Fees From Your Registration System

Fees collected should be subdivided where appropriate and remitted via ACH to your associated checking account on a weekly basis. In support of the ACH transfer, a remittance report detailing fees collected and costs should even be provided. confirm the registration solution is PCI compliant and features a Certificate of Compliance from Trustwave. Additionally, an answer should collect and account for any required taxes.

3. Choose A Fee Collection System Which Will Capture A Good Sort Of Fees

Providers should be able to accept all of the different payment types a school needs to receive and properly distribute to accounts. Typical fee types include: course and program fees, textbook, workbook, and materials activities, yearbooks, PTO/PTA fees, instrument rental, school meals, t-shirts and school-branded apparel, gym clothes, locks for lockers, field trips, after school care, district foundations, donations and fundraisers, shop class fees, and technology dues.

4. Confirm All Payment Types Are Supported

Online registration solutions should offer complete electronic processing, including mastercard (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) and eCheck. As secondary measures, solutions should even be ready to process direct payments from families including text , check, cash, or postal order . Deferred payments are an alternative choice for folks , allowing families to pick any or all fees that they prefer to make electronic payment at the time of submission and make a partial payment toward their balance.

5. Team With A Proven Leader In Online Registration Management Systems

Student registration products that collect fees online got to have demonstrated longtime safety, security, and consistency. Last year, over $110 million was collected through PowerSchool Registration online fee collection instantly and securely for schools and districts of all sizes. PowerSchool Registration automatically sends money to the right checking account , which schools traditionally do manually. This represents over $110 million that schools received quickly and securely, rather than handling cash, change, or checks – costly in terms of staff time. Factoring a mean of a 0.5% rate of error for manual fee processing, which is less than usual, means over $550,000 visited schools whereas it’s going to typically are lost or delayed from human error. No hassles, no follow-up calls, and no tracking down missing payments.

Collecting fees doesn’t need to be a laborious task for registrars and administrative staff; it really are often a simple process that ensures payments are accurate, timely, and secure.

Learn how Kildeer Countryside Community administrative district 96 embraced online registration with integrated fees collection to capture payments instantly – and securely – for PTO, yearbooks, the varsity district foundation, and other items. Download the case study.

Making a payment toward your student’s lunch account in SmartschoolK12 using the EduTrak School fee payment System.
EPayTrak  is one of the leading School fee management software with the lowest transaction rate that can automate the fee payment and collection procedure and save most of the staff member’s time. We cater to most of the district schools of Minnesota, Illinois, Texas, California, North Dakota, New Jersey, New York, and most of the states of USA. We also offer to rebrand of websites of community schools and education institutes.

one of the best school billing software by EduTrak is adopted by many school districts and institutions in most of the states of the United States of America.
EduTrak child care billing software is very efficient and effective in handling all accounting and financial matters of play and daycare schools. Most of the district schools of Minnesota and colorado state schools are getting befits from EduTrak Schools-based software.
Wordware and EduTrak are the best partners for providing the best school applications to schools, colleges, institutes, district schools. Our food service management software named as School Lunch Cashier System is unique and perfect for the cafeteria of your organization. We take care of students’ accounts, payment process, menu set up, free lunch. We Provide POS point of sale for easy and effective operation of school lunch.
America’s one of the best  foodservice software is Lunch Cashier System by EduTrak and Wordware 
EduTrak tuition management software is one of the first choice of district schools and institutions.
the best choice for box office software is ePayTix developed by EduTrak. Easy to implement which wil boost your event ticket sales in terms of better revenue generation with less manpower deployment.
school payment software by edutrak is trending for its performance and security with vast features for school administrations.
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North Penn Extended School Care Online credit card payments through EduTrak

The North Penn Extended School Care Program is now accepting credit card payments using EduTrak software. EduTrak now helps districts put all payments in a single place with account history that parents can easily track.

Upon school registration, students will be issued a student identification number (Student ID). This number links the payment with your student(s) Extended School Care account.

Online credit card payments must be made by the first of the month to be considered on time.

Online credit card payments made after the first of the month will be assessed a $25 late payment fee (due to the processing time). On time payments may be made at the office and program location by check, money order or cash up until the fifth of the month.

Please note:

  1. EduTrak accepts Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express.
  2. First time users must create an account.
  3. You must know your student ID number for each child to create an account and to pay online.
  4. Your student ID number is listed at the bottom of your Extended School Care invoice.
  5. All sixth graders who have paid for a Chromebook have a user account. Please see the information below to retrieve your account logon and password.

If you have an account that was created during Chromebook distribution you can reset your password by clicking below the Sign In button (as shown below) in the Returning Customers box.

EduTrak Find

Click here to log in: Online Payment Website (login screen) Opening in a new window

For New Customers: Click here for the Online Parent Payment Instructions in PDF format Opening in a new window

Already have an account? Click here for the link to pay online with Edutrak

Online Credit Card Payment Information

North Penn School District

401 E. Hancock Street

Lansdale PA  19446

Phone: 215 368-0400

EduTrak payment System for School lunch payment

Making a payment toward your students lunch account in SmartschoolK12 using the EduTrak payment System.

Step 1: Select the button “Click here to begin our user setup process” to create your PARENT USER ACCOUNT.

Step 2: Your new PARENT USER ACCOUNT login will be your email address and a unique password created by you. Select the “Register” button to continue on to the next step in the process

Step 3: Enter information about yourself regarding your PARENT USER ACCOUNT then press the “Submit” button

Step 4: Congratulations! You have just created your PARENT USER ACCOUNT REMINDER: After you created your new PARENT USER ACCOUNT, you should have received an email containing a link to confirm your account. Please make sure you open this email and confirm your PARENT USER ACCOUNT. If you do not, your login credentials will expire in 30-days. Select the box to “Add a person” to your PARENT USER ACCOUNT

Step 5: There are two methods for you to “Add a person” to your PARENT USER ACCOUNT: Option 1: If the school has sent you a 16 digit key, then select the box that says “Yes, I have a key” to continue. Option 2: If the school did not send you a 16 digit Key, select the box that says “No, I do not have a key” to continue. Please look up your student’s Student ID# and Data of Birth to use this option.

Step 6: On this is the page, enter the Student ID# and Birth date for your student. Select “Link Family” once you have entered this information. If you have more than 1 student, the system will try to link all your students at the same time. You do not need to add them one at a time.

Step 7: Congratulations! You have now added your students to your PARENT USER ACCOUNT. You only need to complete this process once to link your PARENT USER ACCOUNT to your students. Select either the “Go” button or the Soccer ball to see a list of your students and to begin registration

EPayTrak  is one of the leading fee management software with the lowest transaction rate that can automate the fee payment and collection procedure and save most of the staff member’s time. We caters most of the schools of Minnesota, Illinois, Texas, California, North Dakota, New Jersey, New York and most of the states of USA.

Online and automate your School payment collection

School Fee collection is a very common challenge for every schools, colleges and other educational institutes.  School fee payment experience for parents and guardian is so poor which is a burden for any school. Educational institutes are struggling and wasting a lot in time in collecting & managing fees. If Schools and colleges are collecting and managing payment on paper there will be errors, late payments, slow pace of approvals, and forgotten invoices. Which is make you unorganized and your organization will face economical issues, there will be hurdles in your school operations, which will make staff too stressed. In digital age, we have an opportunity to transform lives of people, make them organized and let them utilize all the technological advantages. With the technological advancements and its implementation benefits in all the sectors, its time for  educational institutions to implement software with most secured and most advance EPayTrak for fee management.

Student or parent, everyone is busy with their work, they face the hassles of typical manual fee payment procedure such as taking leaves off their work and standing in long queues for hours. Its time to switch to one of the best School fee payment & School Fee Collection Software that make it easy for students, parents and families to pay for all school fees, activities, services and products online. Also school staff can easily compile and report the collection directly from reports and match the same with statement. You should automate payment system, student fees so you can minimize careless mistakes and maximize your profitability. School can collect multiple payments easily from a single login and can manage multiple campuses fee and payment activities.

EPayTrak  Fee Payment Software Advantages:

This fees collection software is specially designed to control the functions and calculations of fees, easy reporting, easy payment, secure payment.. Fee management software will result in accurate data and manages the account of every single student linked with the respective campus. Our fee collection system increases the efficiency of an institute as efficiency is directly proportional to the accuracy of work done in a given extent of time.

Fee Payment software will not only reduce your effort but enhance efficiency of your school or college.

  • Fee management software is instinctive and user-friendly
  • We have cloud-based system and local server system, so it syncs and  notifies parents about transactions made and provide then receipts and reports of the same.
  • Online payment facility makes fee more friendly from the website and mobile devices using secure payment gateways to provide students and parents with hassle-free processing
  • Fee management software allows you to customize fee structure based on your institutions requirements like different fee heads and concessions.

ePayTrak Provides Every Payment Option to make your Schools Advanced

  • You can create custom forms tied to the payment for Athletics and activities
  • School fines and fees integrated with many SIS systems
  • Complete spirit wear sales and inventory tracking
  • Food service and lunch payments
  • Reserved seat and GA ticketing with box office and door scanning
  • Affordable fundraising
  • Recurring billing for school age child care, insurance, trips, and more
  • Product templates for parking permits, field trips and more

ePayTrak Features for School Administrators

Here is a partial list of ePayTrak features for school administrators:

  • Using Custom online catalog school can create a listing of classes, services and products on the web portal or on app.
  • For Recurring billing, School can Schedule and create recurring transactions based on particular data. Charge the same amount for every period or change the recurring amount for a selected period
  • There are multiple accounting attributes like Each class, fee, product, or service can be associated with multiple attributes such as account, department or budget code  for tracking and reporting functionality of your school or institute.
  • School administrators can configurable security levels for a wide variety of security access and control
  • Allows you to use your school logo, colors, slogan and much more to create the look and feel that’s right for you, you can Customized look and branding of public site.
  • There are multiple Summary reports, which you can get by Select by individual card number, department, account code, User ID, student ID, transaction, or much more

ePayTrak Features for Families and Students

For families and students, ePayTrak provides flexibility and ease of use:

  • Individual payment account: Users can set up their own accounts to make payments, pull payment reports, review scheduled transactions, and more!
  • Integrated with many SIS systems: including single sign-on with those SIS systems that support it
  • Transaction history: Users can easily browse past transactions with a simple click of the mouse
  • Browse the school’s offerings: Users can bypass the login process and browse through the site, selecting classes, services, or products to place in their shopping cart. At time of purchase, they will be required to log in, or register for a new account

ePayTrak Features for All Users

Both administrators and family/student users will benefit from the following features such as Customize e-mail templates and receipts, reports and e-confirmations, modify administrative security levels, software has best In class encryption, Easy import/export capability, this could be Directly integrated with many SIS systems.

Our Fee Management System is highly reliable and secure system for students, parents and administrators. Our School fee collection reduces the burden of manual working and resulting in reasonably precise outcomes. Right from maintaining student record, fee calculation, auto-generated receipts, reminders to secured transactions, an online fee management system can prove to be a game-changer for your institute. Educators looking for efficient and cost-effective software, you can opt for EPayTrak  .

EPayTrak  is one of the leading fee management software with the lowest transaction rate that can automate the fee payment and collection procedure and save most of the staff member’s time. We caters most of the schools of Minnesota, Illinois, Texas, California, North Dakota, New Jersey, New York and most of the states of USA.

EduTrak Door Entry Software by EduTrak

ePayTix Door Entry allows scanning tickets from our ePayTix solution using your iPhone or iPod

ePayTix reserved seat online ticket system with box office mPOS, door scanning and more! You can start scanning tickets from our ePayTix solution using your iPhone or iPod. Tickets from ePayTix are produced with standard Barcodes and those Barcodes can either be typed into our ePayTix Door Entry app or scanned with any device that works with Keyboard Emulation.

This is easy to use, low cost system will allow you to quickly and easily sell reserved and general admission seats, merchandise, food items and much much more. ePayTix is a complete ticketing solution at an amazingly affordable price!

Who Uses ePayTix?

Web-based online ticketing system that assists small to large sized schools with seat reservation, pricing, ticket printing and reporting, ticket sales, pricing analysis and attendance management. ePayTix is a fully featured Ticketing Management Software designed to serve Enterprises, Agencies. ePayTix provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Ticketing Management system offers Online Registration, Barcode / Ticket Scanning, Online Ticketing, Event Management, Box Office Management at one place.

What Is ePayTix?

Web-based online ticketing system that assists schools with ticket sales, pricing analysis and attendance management.

Product Details

Web-based online ticketing system that assists schools with ticket sales, pricing analysis and attendancemanagement.

ePayTix Online Ticketing Will Help Your School:
  • Simplify online ticket sales: Patrons are able to select reserved seats for school events, sporting events, community events quickly and easily from your school-branded website
  • Increase revenue: Flexible pricing allows you to accurately capture pricing variances by senior, student, adult, etc.  Price levels are easily created
  • Streamline Box Office sales on the night of performance: No more lines or frustrated patrons!  Integrated high-speed mobile and desktop printers for ticket printing, with mobile scanners to check-in patrons and track attendance
  • Access powerful reporting: Comprehensive web and mPOS reporting to quickly provide all the sales information you need
ePayTix Online Ticketing Features:
  • Sell reserved or General Admission tickets with
  • a custom school-branded website
  • Seats are added to cart and the custom timer counts down purchase time
  • Tickets are mobile or emailed PDF with bar or QR code
  • Mobile scanners scan tickets and prevent duplicate entry to theatre or sports events
  • Easy creation of comp or internal sales
  • Flexible pricing by section and/or ticket type. Senior, student, adult and other price levels can easily be created
  • Easily sell tickets for school plays, sporting events, fundraisers, and any event where you want to track attendance at the door. Give your school’s theatre events a true Broadway feel!
Box Office Features:
  • Box Office sales of both reserved and General Admission tickets, as well as clothing, food items and merchandise
  • Accept all debit and credit cards as well as cash and checks
  • Integrated high speed mobile and desktop printers for ticket printing at the door
  • ePayTix mobile mPOS is fully integrated with the ePayTrak online school payment portal, so you can track inventory for online and in person sales from the same back-end system. Reports are all rolled together with full account code tracking for schools

Ticketing Software

  • Barcode / Ticket Scanning
  • Season Tickets
  • Customer Data Management
  • Onsite Ticketing
  • Print
  • Mobile Ticketing
  • Website Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Ticket Reservations
  • Promotions Management
  • Seating Map
  • POS
  • Online Ticketing
  • Ticket Brokering
  • Concessions Management
  • Kiosk Ticketing
  • Employee Management
  • Wait List Management
  • Confirmation/Reminders
  • Onsite Registration
  • Online Registration
  • Calendar Management
  • Discount/Coupon Management
  • Group Registration
  • Surveys & Feedback
  • Barcode / Ticket Scanning
  • Online Ticketing
  • Promotions Management
  • Employee Management
  • Online Registration
  • Payment Processing
  • Cloud Hosted

Best For

Online ticketing system that assists small to large sized schools with seat reservation, pricing, ticket printing and reporting.

Contact Details

EduTrak Software

Please Note: You will need to have an ePayTix account set up before using this application.

Learn on-the-go with edutrak

Edutrak is well known for its convenience and productivity since so long. Its solutions are simple, powerful, flexible and academic in nature. It is specially designed for schools with the industry’s most comprehensive and broad set of features, future-ready technology and data security. Our software is 100% customisable.

Basically, edutrak is a web based gradebook and school management system for individual teachers, schools, and districts. It is an online cloud based solution that automates the education sector as much as possible.

It covers almost every aspect of school management such as maintaing attendence and record of students, conducting effective examinations, enhancing teacher student communication, easy fee collection, transport facilities. Cafeteria management and nutrition management, admission processes and many more. Hence, a one-stop solution for all school requirements to automate the data and make the quick  communication, flawless administration, and transparent operations.

Edutrak is one of the most user-friendly school management software that helps in connnecting the students, teachers, and parents on a single platform.

Edutrak software focuses on self learning technology that is different than traditional      programming. For the end user, the process of using the system can get more easier and more helpful with each use.

What we do  

Our solution include many advanced softwares to make your school management process as much comforting and easy as it can possible.

Edutrak makes it possible and feasible to collect every fee on every campus from one location.

Our fee collection software make fees paying and filling out forms intuitive and instinctive for parents, all in one accessible interface.

School business officials can now trak all of their payment in one location by account code, department code and a variety of custom identifiers.

              All we want is to secure your data and payment and we work passionately to achieve it.

Our advanced features:  

       Edutrak’s proven technology solutions are hard at work generating improved functioning effeciency, enhanced administrative productivity and upgraded convenience at dozens of schools and service organisations across North America.

Our advanced solutions are:

                                                                   Easy to access

You can Access our solutions from any internet browser, even without downloading any bulky software or plugins like flash and java.

                                                                   Learn on- the- go

It allows learners to attend live classes on-the-go on their smartphpnes and tablets using edutrak’s advanced software and solutions.

                                                               Smooth integration

You can integrate online classroom functionality with your existing website with this solution using developer API and plugins.

                                                              Easy administration

Our solution is very good at managing live sessions for your schools. It will schedule and monitor the life sessions very smoothly. It will extract automated reports of learner performance.

Edutrak’s online teaching software is basically made for teachers, and most of its applications are direct ways to organize classroom content and find new, engaging content for teachers to teach. Moreover, a free teacher account allows you to try out different basic features, create presentations using edutrak online teaching software and see how it could improve your classroom experience and you will start loving your work

Benefits of using edutrak educational software for your school management:

  it’s a complete school management software to manage your school. Its an instinctive and powerful interface that requires little training and ensures that work gets done swiftly.

edutrak comes with the lowest and affordable price without compromising on quality. It is an easy to use software that does not require any specialized training. Also, itis ascendable and customizable as per your school requirements. Our devoted and professional team works consistently to help you anytime and anywhere.

Edutrak’s fee collection software simplify the fee management with a secure payment gateway and view all transaction details. Parents can pay fee online from home, get receipts instantly on email and in-app. Money is automatically allocated to the correct receipt head. Hence, there is No waiting, no lines, no data mismatch.

Our education management software is used by teachers, students, and school administrators for organization and collaboration, and to facilitate learning. School software is designed to increase productivity, improve communications, and reduce time and cost. Our educational software provides some type of feedback to students and teachers that indicates a student’s progress

Our student inforamation system software store student’s data and analyse performance trends to bring more transparancy to the functioning of the school. A complete record of students like combined personal and academic reports to provide a 360-degree view of the complete student profile.

In  our student management software the attendence is taken instantly and updated instantly in the system and parent app.

It will help in maintaing attendence productively that will definitely reduce the paperwork and reduce the teacher’s headache  as now they have to spend almost zero time on in taking attendence.

With the help of our solutions pre-defined templates can be used and report cards can be generated with a single click. Ther is no need for any spreadsheet or offline work.

Another frequently cited benefits of our software systems are their speed and accuracy. Using our special solution the information can be recoverd more swiftly along with substantial confidence and accuracy. This will ultimately enhance the productivity of the employees

Moreover, our advanced student information system software let the teachers to design easy quizes that students can take in no time. They can take their quizzes on laptops or even via classroom tablets computers or on their own smartphones.

Edutrak software system is a kind of robust system that guide schools to go paperless and  sleek the monotonous administrative task  on a single platform.

So, what are you waiting for, just automate everything to make faster decision with edutrak now!

It will transform your schools into smart schools which are always the preferred choices for new age schools.

About Edutrak:

With offices in Bloomington, Minnesota and Boulder, Colorado, Edutrak software is a subsidiary of Advanced Payment Technologies.

Find us at:

● Edutrak software – Minnesota
801134th Ave. S Suite 305 Bloomington, MN 55425

● Edutrak Software – Colorado
1600 Range St. Suite 105 Boulder, CO 80301

CALL US: 1 -800-365-7270For more details you can visit our website:

Setting Automatic Student Defaults For Menu items and price

A common question we get is “What are default menu items?” Default menu items allow you to set a default meal for students based on their school and grade. Then, when the students go through the serving line and enter their number or scan their barcode, they will automatically be charged for the correct meal. This can speed up your serving line because it eliminates the need to have the cashier select the correct meal item for each student. Did a particular student bring a cold lunch to school and just need to be charged for milk? No problem! Our program has a change-to-milk button that makes this easy to do. The change to-milk button can be found here: LCS1000>Lines>Line Settings.

If you do use default menu items in the line, did you know you did not have to enter these defaults for each new student manually? We have a Default Menu Item feature that will add menu item defaults automatically for all new students. You can find this feature here: LCS1000>Lines>General Settings>Student Default Item Profiles.

Just create a line for each grade, school and meal type that you would like to use the defaults for. You can also set default line permissions and default spending limits here. Please reach out to our support team if you have any questions or want help with this.

When the student goes through the serving line, they will automatically get the correct meal charged to them. Once the line is processed, the default menu item will appear in the District Site>Family Dashboard>Student Line Settings box.

how to know Real Time Balance in LCS

Did you know you have various options for displaying the family balance at the point-of-sale? You can choose to have the real-time balance always on or always off. You can also set it to be hidden unless the line operator requests to see it, or only if a student falls below your low balance threshold. These settings are found in the LCS1000 Mayflower>Lines tab>General Settings.

If you select the “Always On but hidden until operator request” a (Show) option will appear in the serving line next to Family Balance. Click (Show) to see the family balance; then click (Hide) to hide the family balance, as shown here:

Want to Install or Update PowerSchool Plugin?

Check it out how to install and update your PowerSchool Plugin

Wordware, Inc is two-decade-old company dealing in School Software like cafeteria software for schools, hospitals and businesses across the country, Wordware is known and trusted for technology solutions because we have all you need and even more. Wordware school-related software applications are installed all over Minnesota and in other states of USA.

Using Wordware Powerschool plugin, parents have the ability to login into their PowerSchool site and have a one-stop shop experience. Parents  can check transaction history, set line permissions and make a payment all with one username and password also can check other school activities  of students.

PowerSchool student information system delivers an open platform for schools to streamline data management. PowerSchool integrates seamlessly with Wordware Inc.

How to install Plugin in Powerschool?

To install plug-ins, go to:

Start Page > System Administrator > System Settings > Plugin Management Dashboard and click on the install button

Select the file and click the install button

You then have to go to the previous screen and make sure that the plugin that you just installed is enabled. If you want to install using dataSense file following steps need to be performed.

  1. Download the DataSense PowerSchool plugin zip file to your local machine.
  2. Log into PowerSchool.
  3. Once in PowerSchool, navigate to the “System” area. Select “System Settings,” then “Plug inManagement.”
  4. Click “Install” and follow the installation prompts.
  5. When requested, locate your downloaded DataSense PowerSchool plugin ( For the plugin install, please make sure to install the whole .ZIP file for the plugin, not the individual XML files.
  6. Once installed, click the final checkbox to enable the program. Next, select the “DataSense Cloud Solutions,” plugin.
  7. Select “Data Provider Configuration.” Locate your Client ID and Client Secret credentials.
  8. Following the installation, please document the URL to your PowerSchool instance, the Client ID, and Client Secret and share with our team.

Once you have installed and configured a plugin, you can later update it with a newer version. Updating may be done without having to delete and reinstall the existing plugin.

How to Update a Plugin Version

  1. On the start page, choose System under Setup in the main menu. The System Administrator page appears.
  2. Under Server, click System Settings. The System Settings page appears.
  3. Click Plugin Management Configuration. The Plugin Management Dashboard page appears.
  4. Click the name of the plugin you want to update. The Setup page for the selected plugin appears.
  5. Click Update. The Plugin Update page appears.
  6. Do one of the following: Click Choose File to select a new plugin version to install OR Click Browse… to browse for a new plugin version
  7. Click Submit. Depending on the file you selected, a message may display.

Resetting PowerSchool Services From Within PowerSchool

Go to: Start Page > System Administrator > System Settings > Reset Server and select the services that you want to reset.

EduTrak is the market leader in Lunch payment software, most of the schools saves time and money using unique and advanced user friendly Lunch payment application software.  The lunch system makes your school to monitor money administration easier. You can save time spent on managing the school meal service. EduTrak, Lunch payment software is the best school payment software which is a very simple and secure way for schools to connect, transact and manage all their school payments using modern technology cloud-based solutions.

Get the service you deserve through our world-class teams. We can take the compatibility guesswork out of hardware selection by providing a high-quality system customized to your schools’ needs, soup to nuts, at an affordable price. For more details, you can visit: Or contact us: 1 -800- 365- 7270

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