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Riverside Elementary School – Register for Star Food – Chicken!

Welcome back! We look forward to serving everyone again this school year. Remember, if you are not registered at Wordware, the lunch cashier system, go to and click the orange ‘Quick and Easy Registration’ link on the right side.

Email or call (262) 250-6462 to request the family key you will need in step
2. You can then monitor your family lunch balance, see daily student purchases, set your own low balance email notification level and make an online payment using FeeZee, plus more! If you have any questions regarding the school lunch program, please don’t hesitate to call (262) 250-6461 or (262) 250-6462.

We are here to help in any way we can! Did you know? We are serving a higher quality chicken this year. We have premium chicken tenders, Asian orange chicken and chicken drumsticks that are all products using whole muscle chicken. Try them for lunch when they are on the menu. You won’t be disappointed! This month’s Star Food is… Chicken!

Fun Chicken Facts:
Male chickens are called “roosters” and the females are called “hens.” Baby chickens are called “chicks.”
A healthy chicken lays about 265 eggs each year.
Chickens lay white, brown, blue or green eggs.

Ashwaubenon School District – Manage your Meal Account (Wordware Nutrition Software)

Welcome to the Ashwaubenon School District where we have a long-standing history of high academic achievement and student opportunities . We provide a comprehensive PK-12 educational program with instruction at all levels to meet the needs of all students regardless of their differences in abilities, interests, and learning styles. Our extensive co-curricular program enables our students to become well-rounded individuals.

Ashwaubenon is unique in the region for our world language program in which German and Spanish are offered to students from Grade 1 to Grade 12, and for being one of the first school districts to implement a community service graduation requirement.

As a district we are committed to:
providing the highest quality programs, services, and staff,
maintaining a healthy and safe learning environment,
serving as proactive agents of change,
being responsible stewards of district resources,
engaging our community in the educational process, and
monitoring and evaluating results for continuous improvement.

Payment Options & Account Balances

We are pleased to offer parents several meal payment options:

  • Elementary children can turn payment envelopes in to their teachers or main office.
  • Secondary students can turn envelopes in to the cashiers.
  • Phone in credit card to the Business Office at 920.492.2905, Ext. 1006.
  • Automatically withdrawn electronically from checking account or credit card.
  • Manage your Meal Account (Wordware)  or  Pay Online (e-Funds).

You are in full control of your account. By providing your home and/or work email address, an email notification informing you of the student’s name, purpose of the payment, and amount will be sent to you each time that a payment is to be processed.


If you would like an itemized statement of your account, or if you would like to know your account balance, call 920.492.2905, Ext. 1006 or view your account online. Do not wait for the phone notification system to contact you, but rather, deposit monthly amounts into your family’s account.

  • Account drops to $10 – a payment envelope will be sent home.
  • Account drops to $0 – your children will be restricted to reimbursable meal choices only.
  • Account balance drops to a negative $15 – the family account will be deactivated. K-8 students will be offered a sandwich and milk, at no expense. High school students will have to borrow from a friend or pay cash.

Go to:

  • Enter Username and Password
  • A statement of your account will appear.

If you wish to participate but have not received your Family Key Number, call 920.492.2905 Ext. 1006.


E~funds For Schools allows families several payment options. Meal payments can be automatically electronically withdrawn from your checking  account or charged to your credit card. You have the flexibility to pay at anytime through the school’s website. No payments will be allowed without your knowledge and authorization through this secure payment system.

The Cornell School District Launches Wordware’s New Nutrition Software LCS1000 Mayflower

The Cornell School District incorporated The Lunch Cashier System software by Wordware, Inc. for keeping track of the lunch program. The Cornell School District is excited to launch phase one of the new nutrition software.  The nutrition department has updated their systems to LCS1000 Mayflower by Wordware Inc.

LCS1000 Mayflower is a comprehensive, integrated food service management solution for K-12 School Districts. It provides all of the tools required to run a smooth and efficient food service operation. LCS1000 Mayflower is a suite of easy-to-use, highly-integrated software modules.

It may take a few weeks for everything to get up and running smoothly so we ask that students and parents are patient during this transition process. We are confident the new software will benefit the department and satisfy our customer needs and expectations.

What’s New?

The point of sale system has been implemented and features touch screen point of sale monitors that can display the students’ picture as the lunch card is scanned. This will allow for accurate identification of the customer.

The biggest change will be in how parents pay for lunches. Currently when parents deposit lunch money they then have to select where they want those credits to go between breakfast, lunch, or cash. At times this system has caused confusion for parents and they have accidently deposited money to the wrong option. With the new system, all money will be deposited into one account .

Wordware is continually developing their nutrition software to meet and exceed the needs and demands of our customers across multiple settings. Based on our customer needs and technology environments, we have created a fully web based program that will run on any HTML5 device and can be deployed as a fully cloud based solution or on an appliance. What does that mean to you? You can deploy our software any way you choose without a major investment in your infrastructure.

Wordware dedicated for providing best nutrition software to the schools for the health of students and to make worry free their parents.

When parents log into Lunch Cashier System they will deposit their student’s money into one account. This cash account will fund all lunch, breakfast or a la carte purchases. Parent username and passwords for Lunch Cashier System will not change.

Our Solutions

Family Based- Money deposited goes into a family account. This eliminates multiple entries and allows schools focus on the household.
Automated letter generation and reporting … built in timeline to streamline workflow … plus processing direct certification saves hours if not days of work. Particularly if there are multiple students in the same household (another benefit of a family based solution).

Wordware’s unique onscreen marking system keeps the student status anonymous to any onlooker while allowing the cafeteria staff to process the proper meal selection.

Because Wordware is web based and server based our networked LCS1000 keeps lines running fast regardless of internet speeds. Plus if the internet is down any data captured on the LCS1000 syncs to the cloud back up as soon as the connection is re-established. No data is lost.

Wordware provides robust reporting capabilities with on demand access to all the critical information staff and administration needs. Cash reporting … balances … student and family activity … meal detail etc. Just to name a few.

Bennington Public Schools is pleased to announce a new program called e~Funds For Schools

Dear Parents,  Bennington Public Schools is pleased  to announce a new program  called  e~Funds For Schools  which began February 1, 2008.  This program  allows you to choose  a couple of different payment options for your student’s lunch  account.  You now have the ability to have payments  automatically withdrawn electronically f r om  your  checking account  or  charged to you r cred it card . You also have the flexibility  to pay at any time  using  the link on the school’s website.  There is  a convenience fee f o r using this program .  Parents will be charged a $1.00 fee  each time  a payment is made to their family lunch  account.   Because  we have a Family Lunch system , payments for the entire family can be made through one student.  If you choose the  credit card  payment method, there is a different  convenience fee .   You will b e charged the $1.00 fee plus 1.99% of the total payment.  For example, a  payment of $100 would cost  $102.99 ($100.00 + $1.00 + $1.99).  Please note that a debit  card is treated as a credit card transaction  and will be subject to the  credit ca rd usage fee.


The Madison Central School Board’s policy regarding meal accounts effective for the2011-2012 school year is as follows:
1. The cafeteria computer will give the cashier a “low balance” warning whenever an account is below $15.00.
For example, all students in a family of three (3) would begin receiving warnings from the cashier when the family balance is below $15.00. When the cashier issues the warning, the balance before purchases is displayed on the computer screen.

2. Account statements are mailed or emailed to all families with students who have a balance of $15.00 or below in their lunch account. Account statements for all students with a $0 balance or below are mailed daily. Parents and/or students can also check their account balance by calling the Food Service Office at (605) 256-7730 or on-line at

3. The policy will be enforced in theHigh School and Middle Schoolas follows when the cashier receives the “low balance” message:
Day 1
Students are told the account balance is low and they need to bring money.
Day 2
Students are told the account balance is low and they need to bring money.
Day 3
If the student does not bring money and the cashier still gets the “low balance” message; averbal reminder will be given to the student. They will not be able to purchase a meal or a la carte items on their account if the balance is too low. Balances cannot go below $0. Students with an account balance that is too low to make a purchase will be offered an “alternative meal”
(see below).4. The policy will be enforced in the Elementary Schools as follows when the cashier receives the ”low balance” message:
Day 1
Students are told the account balance is low and they need to bring money. The student’s classroom teacher is given a written reminder to be sent home to the parents.
Day 2
If the student does not bring money and the cashier still gets the “low balance” message; students are told the account balance is low and they need to bring money. The student’s classroom teacher is given a written reminder to be sent home to the parents.
Day 3
If the student does not bring money and the cashier still gets the “low balance” message; students are told the account balance is low and they need to bring money. The student’s classroom teacher is given a written reminder to be sent home to the parents. The student will not be able to purchase a meal on the account if the balance is too low. Balances cannot gobelow $0. Students with an account balance that is too low to make a purchase will be offered an “alternative meal” (see below). Elementary School parents should check their student’s back pack for lunch account written reminders.
When the account is closed, students will be offered
a complimentary alternative meal of a peanut butter
sandwich and milk. Students with a $0 balance or below
cannot eat a regular meal until their parents put money
into their meal account. Students may receive the alternative meal a maximum of five (5) times during the school year.
After two insufficient fund checks have been written from the same checking account, only cash, a cashier’scheck, or money order will be accepted for future meal account deposits.
After thirty (30) days of a negative balance, collection
on procedures may be initiated on all negative balance accounts, starting with a letter to the responsible party. After it is judged that the usual methods to collect the money owed the district have failed, then action may be taken to collect in small claims court. Families not eligible for free meals will have their account closed until an adequate deposit is made.
All communication regarding low balances in the family ac
count will come from the food service office at (605) 256-7730.
We look forward to the coming school year at the Madison Central School District as Lunchtime Solutions continues to provide the food service program in our schools. The purpose of this communication is to provide you with some idea of what to expect from our food service  program. If you have any questions or comments about our program, please feel free to contact
Gary Smithers,
Food Service Director
at605 256 7730,
or the
Business Manager,
Mitchell Brooks at 605 256 7710,
Fornyour convenience,

SPCS (Springfield Platteview Community School) provides e-Funds For Schools to allow families to choose a couple of different online payment options

SPCS provides e-Funds For Schools to allow families to choose a couple of different online payment options for your student lunch accounts. You may choose to have payments automatically withdrawn electronically from your checking account or charged to your credit card. There is a convenience fee for using this program.

Parents will be charged a $1.00 fee each time a payment is made into a family lunch account online. Because we have a Family Lunch system, payment for the entire family can be made through one student.

If you choose the credit card payment option, there is a different convenience fee. You will be charged the $1.00 fee plus 1.99% of the total payment. For example, a payment of $100 would cost $102.99 ($100.00 + $1.00 + $1.99). Please note that a debit card is treated as a credit card transaction and will be subject to the credit card usage fee.

The convenience and flexibility of e-Funds For Schools will help to eliminate last minute check writing hassles and improve efficiencies with your student lunch account. Plus, you will no longer need to worry that your children could lose or forget the money intended for deposit in the school lunch program.

With eFunds you are in full control of your account and can make a payment at any time that is convenient for you. No payments will be allowed without your knowledge and authorization through this secure payment system. By providing your home and/or work email address, an email notification informing you of the student’s name, purpose of the payment, and the amount of payment will be sent to you each time that a payment is to be processed.

To sign up for on-line payment access and to make payment, click the link below:

When registering, your family number will be the same as your Wordware Family ID number. You will create your own password for your account.
This payment method is being offered as another option for those who wish to make convenient payments online. You may continue to make payments by check or cash to be credited to your student’s lunch account.
To access our Wordware Lunch Cashier system to view your family account balance, click the link below

Software to replace school lunch tickets in Onalaska

ONALASKA, Wis. – Here’s a scenario: You’re an Onalaska parent, and you give your high school student, Junior, $2 per day to buy lunch in the a la carte line.

You hope he chooses a balance of nutritious foods, but you have no way of knowing whether he’s blowing the whole $2 to buy cookies every day.

Next year, if you doubt Junior’s dining decisions, you need only phone somebody at the school district’s food service program to get a report of his a la carte purchases, thanks to a new software program approved Monday night by the Onalaska School Board.

The ability to generate such reports is only one advantage for the district, said Sue Black, who runs the food service program.

The Wordware software program, which already is being used in Holmen and West Salem, also will make it easier for the district to collect money and parents to pay money.

With the software, each family will have one account to cover any number of students. Parents deposit money into the account, and the students are each assigned a four-digit code they punch in when they get food at school.

Black said parents can pay for two weeks worth of lunches at a time or a whole semester, depending on their preference.

Parents will be notified, probably by mail at first, when it’s time to put more money into the account. Sometime next year, Black said, she hopes to have an automatic telephone notification system.

The software will mean less work for school personnel collecting the money and passing out lunch tickets, Black said.

Black said problems with students using another student’s code have been rare in other districts, and to make sure it doesn’t happen, Black plans to have a picture appear on the terminal that should match the face of the student who punches in the code.

The software will cost about $18,000, which will be paid for out of a $69,000 surplus in the food service fund. Superintendent John Burnett told the board that money could not be used to help with the district’s budget woes in the general fund.

In all, the food service budget will use $43,000 of that surplus next year, including money for new lunch-related equipment at the high school and Irving Pertzsch Elementary.

The board also approved a nickel per meal increase for next year, except for adult lunch prices.

In other business,

n The board approved a $429,550 capital improvements budget for next year, including $263,000 in spending given immediate approval. The other roughly $166,000 in spending must wait until at least October, at which time enrollment figures will be in and the district will have a better handle on its final budget.

The board approved establishment of an American Sign Language club at the high school next year.

Randy can be reached at (608) 782-9710, Ext. 446, or

The Osseo Middle School and Osseo High School will be starting an after school snack program

The Osseo Middle School and Osseo High School will be starting an after school snack program. Every child who is attending an educational or enrichment activity, in an organized, structured, and supervised environment after the end of the school day during the school year is eligible for a free snack. A snack will be two of the four food components: milk, grain,fruit/veg, meat or meat alternate.
Lunch Account Information Osseo-Fair child uses a computerized program for breakfast, lunch and milk. To briefly review how the program works; each family will have a family account from which money is deducted each time a member of that family eats. If you have students in both the elementary and middle/senior high level, they will all be drawing off the same family account. This eliminates sending lunch money with each child. Parents can send money, or preferably a check, with one student for the entire family. A minimum deposit of $20 PER STUDENT is requested. If you would like to pay more, you can do so.
When a student eats or has milk, his/her lunch ID number is entered at the lunch line computer and the price of the purchase is deducted from their family account. Costs associated with the food service program are listed with the Student/Adult Fees in the Outlook. Please encourage your children to start their day off by participating in our breakfast program. Children who eat a nutritional breakfast tend to perform better at school. Breakfast is served before school each day. Cards for students in grades K-5 will be held by the students’ teachers until lunch time. Students in grades 6-12 will be responsible for their own cards. When a family’s balance reaches $20 or less, you will receive an e-mail notification that your balance is running low. If you do not have an e-mail address, a letter will be sent home with your child notifying you of your low balance. The letter will also inform the parents how many times each child has eaten and had milk. You can also obtain lunch account information by following the breakfast/lunch link on our school district website. You will need your family ID to retrieve this information. You can contact Carla at 715-597-3141 ext. 1413 with assistance on logging into your account.
We ask that you pay your first deposit before the start of school. You can pay in the High School Office from 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon and 1:00 p.m. to
4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday or send your deposit to: Osseo-Fairchild Schools, c/o Carla Sieg, 50851 East St., Osseo, WI 54758. Payments can also be made online through the Wordware website . Many families used the online payment option last year and seemed to like the convenience of it.
If you were not approved for free meals through direct certification, you should apply for free or reduced meals by returning the application which
was sent to you at the beginning of August. Applications may also be picked up at each school office. If you received a letter from us that indicated that you were approved for free meals due to Direct Certification with the State, you do not need to complete an application to receive free meals. In order to have as many applications approved before the start of school, please return your applicat555ion as soon as possible. If you were approved for free or reduced last year because of an application, you will need to complete a new application by October 13th to continue receiving benefits. If your form is not turned in by this date, you will be required to pay full price until you turn in your form and it is approved. Anyone who would like to send in payment (check or money order) or the free/reduced lunch form, please send them to the following address:
Osseo-Fairchild School District
Attention: Carla Sieg
50851 East St.

Osseo, WI 54758

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Carla in the High School Office. Her phone number is 715-597-3141 ext. 1413.
Please try to deposit money and turn in applications prior to the start of school. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!
Just A Bite
Handling A “Choosy” Eater “Choosy” eating is a child-size step toward growing up and showing independence. In fact, what seems like a challenge to you may be an early step towards making food choices. A child’s “NO” does not always mean no. What seems “choosy” may just be your child’s awkward first steps in learning to make decisions.
What appears to be choosy eating may instead be a smaller appetite.
The best advice for you is to relax and be patient
10 Effective Ways to Handle a “Choosy” Eater
1. Treat food jags casually.
2. Consider what a child eats over several days.
3. Trust your child’s appetite
4. Set reasonable time limits for the start and end of a meal
5. Stay positive
6. Serve food plain, and respect the “no foods touching” rule
7. Avoid being a short-order cook
8. Substitute a similar food
9. Provide just two or three choices
10. Focus on your child’s positive eating behaviors

St. Louis School uses Wordware Cafeteria Software to process all cafeteria operations

Welcome to the St. Louis School Cafeteria!

Hot lunches are served daily in our cafeteria.  All students are expected to eat lunch.  Lunch orders are taken each morning during homeroom.  A cafeteria lunch will be provided to any student without a lunch.  Milk break and lunch charges are paid to the cafeteria.  All cafeteria charges are available online through Wordware Cafeteria Software. Our monthly lunch menu is available online as well.

Please click on the link below to view the current month lunch menu: Menu/lunch.pdf

Please click below to log into your online lunch account:

St. Louis School Lunch Software Information:

St. Louis School uses Wordware Cafeteria Software to process all cafeteria operations. One feature of this software is to automatically send emails to families with low balances, replacing the time and expense of producing paper statements for families with access to email service. Contacting families concerning their lunch account will be handled electronically, without involving additional personnel or expense, while keeping you better informed. Families will be able to view their account balances anytime using the online access feature.

Daily Web-Email Software:

  • Printed statements will be replaced with emails, for families that have supplied the school with an email address.
  • Emails will be processed and sent out around 6:00p.m. each evening.
  • You can reply to an email statement directly
  • Families must know their family account ID number and PIN to access online family account information. If you have misplaced this information please email and your account information will be emailed to you.

To access online family account information:

At the beginning of the school year, students will bring home a letter explaining our procedures. Your family account number and PIN will be included in this letter.

  • From the St. Louis website, please click on the Lunch Menu button, On the Lunch Menu page, click on the Wordware link to access you online lunch account.
  • You will be redirected to a secure website, please select our state “TX”, St. Louis School should appear. Enter you family ID number and PIN.
  • You can view your balance information, along with a 2 week detail lunch history.

If you have any problems or questions, you can call the school at 754-2041 or email:  or

NOTE: If you change your email with the office, please send an email to  to notify the cafeteria about your email change as well.

RenWeb and Wordware are separate applications and have to be updated independently. Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you.




Students who are eligible for free meals are not allowed to charge.

Students eligible for reduced meals are allowed to charge up to $5.00 for reimbursable meals before receiving an alternate meal.

Paying students are allowed to charge up to $25.00 (PK3 – 8) for reimbursable meals before receiving an alternate meal.

The charge amounts are determined by the cost for 10 days of lunches.

No extras, such as main entrée or vegetable are allowed to be charged at any time by any student, unless they have money in their account.


No student will go hungry during the school day at St. Louis Catholic School.  An alternate meal will be provided for a maximum of two (2) weeks, and then administration would determine if circumstances require intervention.  The meal may consist of a peanut butter sandwich, fruit and milk.

The student will be discreetly offered this alternate meal by the cafeteria manager.  The student will be charged the regular lunch price.  No extras will be available to any student on the alternate meal plan.


Milk breaks will not be offered to students unless they are prepaid for the month.

St. Louis Catholic School 2208 N. 23rd Street, Waco, TX 76708 Ph. 254-754-2041 Fax 254-754-2091

School lunch debt can be staggering for a school district

School lunch debt can be staggering for a school district, and it is more common than you think. Being curious about school district lunchroom debt, I googled related topics and found schools all across the USA that are dealing with lunchroom debt, in states such as Utah, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and more. There was an article in the Minneapolis Tribune about the problems facing Anoka-Hennepin Schools with debt reaching $160,000. More interesting reading were the comments from readers, a total of 387 of them up until that particular day.

The vast majority of comments showed no mercy for people who don’t pay for lunches, suggesting water and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (or less) for those who do not pay.   Surprisingly few wondered about why the school allowed that much debt to build or how the district would improve it. Most were thinking that it was caused by the ‘free or reduced lunch crowd’, which is clearly not the case. There was also little tolerance for public money going to underwrite lunches for families that don’t pay their bills.

This problem of debt has two sides–dealing with the debt itself and taking measures to make sure it does not happen again.   Hiring a professional debt collector is the districts answer for the first half of the problem. But prevention was not adequately addressed in the article. One has to wonder what software is being used for lunch programs that end up with massive debt. Certainly we have great school lunch software that can avoid a build up of debt and efficiently and effectively handle money management. Maybe the money collected to pay the debt should be earmarked for a new software program called Wordware Lunch Cashier System LCS1000 Mayflower (Nutrition Software). Our phones are open call us for demo or reach us-

Wordware, Inc.
2526 Northland Dr
Mendota Heights, MN 55120

Sales Information:

Website Corporate :

Phone:  (800) 955-2649