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Lunch Cashier System is one of the Top Food Service Management Software

Wordware, Inc takes great pride in serving food industry, Lunch Cashier System is the best food management software which has all latest features and web based application, It saves double data entry task and a single login for a Family so parents don’t need to manage multiple accounts for their kids. We are continuously adding new families, maintaining balances, reviewing payment histories – we’d like to introduce you to the people that are helping to make the LCS 1000 the best cashiering system there is!

Our K-12 Lunch Cashier System Software is a top choice for Food Service Directors nationwide, most of the schools adopting our solution for their school. All the students and school staff are happy with the solution.

Here is an Application for you school or cafeteria section, Food Service Director or Business Manager and you have to let the school board know that your food service deficit is much larger that you budgeted for, we can help you big time!

  • Savings on cost of goods
  • Reduce over production
  • Procurement/Inventory management
  • Menu forecasting with pre-costing
  • Menu pricing
  • Student sales analysis
  • Lowest Audit Failure
  • Single Family Login
  • LCS100 Web based server

Lunch Cashier System  is based on family needs while other applications are students based, they focus only on individual students. Wordware focuses on the students as they truly are: part of a family. Our software starts with the family unit, and ties all accounting for students into that family. There is no repeated data entry from one sibling to the next and you can view all of the information for a family’s  students in the same reports.

Automated E-Payment Processing – We have integrated automatic payment processing by which you can make e payment. The payment information will be transmitted from the e-payment company directly to the LCS 1000, all the payment processing done automatically in background LCS100 process payment from e payment section to payment section automatically. Everything is done in the background by the LCS 1000. All the transactions are secure so no need to worry.

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